Martin Luther King and Bruce Lee Assignment

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Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one – Bruce Lee Life is full of difficult and trying moments. Most people would pray for an easy way out. But not many pray for the strength to endure those tough moments. When I read this quote, It Instantly reminded me of Dry. Martin Luther King Junior. Dry. King was a man who fought for his race’s equality, and died In result of his fight. This year, to renew my faith, I am taking a catechism, and during this, we read an excerpt of Dry.

King’s Autobiography. The excerpt was about how Dry. King, overcame fear and stress about his fight. One night, MILK could not sleep because he had received death threats by racist organizations and nationalists earlier that day, and feared for his life. Not handling the stress and fear anymore, he got up from his bed, went to the kitchen. Being a devoted Christian, he decided that he needed to talk to God about his problems, and so he prayed. He asked for strength to endure all activity that was surrounding him and his family.

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He was about to go to back into his room when suddenly; he felt inner peace and tranquility. This allowed him to continue his crusade for the rights of his race. Thanks to this night, he was able to break the barrier that separated both races, and unified the people of the LISA. I chose Martin Luther King because he is someone I admire because of his battle for the rights of a race that had suffered deeply during the slave era, and during the evil rights movement.

I knew that he would be a perfect choice for this essay, and I knew that this quote would be a perfect match for Dry. King. A man so dedicated to a cause, needs help from God, and that is precisely what he asked for. He did not quit his cause because it was a troubled road, he asked for strength and peace, and that Is precisely what he got. The quote tells us to do this, and Dry. King, followed these wise words, and achieved what he desired.

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