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Two of the most well known and most successful of these leaders were Malcolm Little, themes k mown as Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jar. During the time of the Civil Rights Movement, there were many strong leaders that had made an essential impact. Even though there were many who were successful l, Martin Luther King Jar. And Malcolm X were two who made the biggest name for themselves. Martin Luther King Jar. Was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1929. As a kid, he grew up in a segregate Ted town: segregated schools, segregated churches, segregated public places, etc. He ha graduated from high school early and attended college at an early age.

Even in high school, M artic was an inspirational and eloquent public speaker. With practice and more experience , he became one of the best public speakers the nation had seen. Another one of the most well k now public speakers was Malcolm X. Malcolm was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1925. Fate r spending time in jail, he had joined the Nation of Islam and eventually became the minister o f the group. He started his campaign based off of his perspective on how he thought society s would be, but had a hang of heart after visiting Mecca, the holy city of Islam in Saudi Arabia.

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Like Martin, he was a symbol for the Civil Rights Movement. In the early years of the Civil Rights Movement, these two spokesmen had two very different perspectives on how they believed American society should be. Mart in Luther King Jar. Thought that all men should come to love each other, regardless of their skin color. In his speech Have a Dream , he proved this point when he said “I have a dream that one day on the red hi ASS of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of the former shallowness will e able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood”.

Martin Luther was in favor of forgetting everyone’s previous differences and wanting to start with a fresh attitude and have open acceptance CE with all people. Throughout his whole career with Civil Rights, the sense of brotherhood was a Sways a big point in his speeches. Malcolm X, however was not on the same page as Martin Lute her. In his speech Message to the Grassroots, he said “And what we have foremost in common is that enemy the white man” and “We need to stop airing our differences in front of the white an, put the white man out of our meetings, and then sit down and talk shop with each other.

The AES what we got to do”. During the early portions of the movement, Malcolm had his heart set on strengthening the black society and completely disregarding the white society as a whole, which became known as black nationalism. He thought that the blacks should not interact with the hi test because of the ways that they had previously treated them in society, such as slavery. Even t Hough both of these men were symbols of Civil Rights, they were not always seeing eyetooth with ACH other. As the Movement continued to progress forward, Malcolm X and Martin Lute ere King Jar. Egan to see more clearly with one another. After Malcolm had made a trip to Mecca, the holy city of Israel in Saudi Arabia, he had a lightening of heart. Once he saw million S Of Muslims Of various religions worshipping together peacefully, he began to rethink his tact CICS on the Civil Rights Movement. Once he had returned from his trip, he began to work with other leaders in a more civil and unified manner. Unfortunately, nine months after he had had h s change of heart, he was shot to death at a rally in New York.

Like Martin Luther Ginger he evolve Veda in to a leader that was one for having nonviolent ways to achieve the goals that they had set for themselves in society. Martin was using his nonviolent tactics throughout the whole Civil Rights era and became well known for them. He would train the people that would w Org and protest for him to not react to any violence that was put upon them. Although it was very hard for the protesters to not react to the violence, it played a major advantage for them.

Whenever people would beat them senselessly, they would be the ones who looked bad instead of the African Americans. The protesters using no form of violence helped some people co me to realize how violent and unsafe some of the riots and chaos could grow to be. Even though in the early years of the Civil Rights Movement these two didn’t have the same opinion on a out pip, as the years continued they began to want the saran thing for American citizens. The Civil Rights movement was a big part in American history.

The progress the at was dad in that era Of time played an enormous part in how our society is ran to day and our view points on different races of people. All the protests and riots that had occurred d helped bring miraculous change to American life; segregation had become illegal, thousand ads of African Americans could now vote, the percentage of African Americans elected as o officials had risen by 88% and many more. If it wasn’t for such great leaders and speakers like Mart and Malcolm X, there is a very high chance that our law system and ways of life e would not be run like they are today.

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