Julius Caesar vs Napoleon Bonaparte Assignment

Julius Caesar vs Napoleon Bonaparte Assignment Words: 2004

The current dictator of Rome at this time to diva Orca Cornelia and f he refused he was at high risk of losing everything including his property. July us then decided to refuse his demands and escaped the consequences by going into the militia rye. He served in the provinces of Asia and Cilia before returning to Rome. In 65 B. C. Julius was elected to be in the office of detailed. An detailed was response Siebel for the maintenance of temples and other public buildings. In 63 B. C Julius was el acted pontiffs maximum which is the the Chief Priest of the religion Of Rome. In 62 B. C.

Julius was elected Praetor for the year in Spain, but before Julius was allowed to leave Rome for Spain he was required to pay 25% of his debt. Caesar paid off his debt and returned to room e in 60 B. C. And ran for and was elected consul. After Julius was elected consul, he convinced Crass us and Pompom to be allies rather than enemies. This resulted in a triumvirate between Julius, pop enemy, and Caracas. During his reign, Julius felt it was indispensable to make sure he ace aired com plate domination due to having enemies in the senate that would imprison him the first chance they had.

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Julius ended up going to war against Pompom in 49 B. C. Because Caesar was seen as a threat. Pompom was no match for Caesar and within a year, Caesar pushed Pop enemy out Of Italy and all the way into Egypt where Pompom was then killed. While in Egypt, it WA s arranged for Barehanded 2 him to meet the young queen, Cleopatra, at the time which led to an affair wit h the result of their child, Caesarian. Cleopatra helped him gain wealth because she was one of RI chest rulers at the time.

Julius left Egypt straight to northeastern Anatolia to defeat the son of MI threats about a generation after Usual had defeated them. Julius returned to Rome With Cleopatra and was appointed dictator. Soon after awards, Julius found out that a few of enemies were plotting against him in North Africa a in 47 B. C. So he took his forces and confront the enemies in North Africa. Julius defeated the m in 46 B. C. He returned to Rome and members of the senate saw Career’s power rising nevi table leading them to believe he was an aspiring king.

The Romans greatly despised monarchical rule and had no desire for it whatsoever. Two Romans, Cassias and Brutes, plotted against Julia us and assassinated him on March 1 5th 44 B. C. After his death, struggle for power in Rome leading to the end of the Roman Republic, a mob including middle and lower class citizen s gathered at his funeral then attacked the homes of Cassias and Brutes, Julius was given the it tale “The Divine Julius” and declared a god in the roman religion, and Julius was classified as a martyr. Before his death, Julius accomplished many great things.

He relieved most of debt of Rome, he reconstructed the government of Rome, he changed the Roman cal ender, he resurrected the two cityscapes that were destroyed by his predecessors, Cart wage and Corinth, and he remade the senate so that it better represented Rome as a whole by in creasing its size. Julius made a big impact in Rome and is greatly remembered for his legacy. Many years later another great leader was born and he went by the name Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon was born on August 15, 1769 in Acacia Coors ca, France. His father came from minor nobility in Italy, but the family was not rich.

Napoleon was very talented Barehanded 3 though, and got a scholarship to a famous military school. After he finished SC wool, Napoleon was commissioned as a lieutenant in the French Army. Napoleon was devoted to reaching his goals of military success and he eventually was able to obtain those goals. In 1 792, Napoleon became a captain of the French army. When he was 24, the Committee of Public Safety made him a brigadier general. By 1796, Napoleon became the commander of the French armies in Italy. He won a series of battles and became me famous for speed, surprise, and decisive action.

Napoleon defeated armies of the Papal S dates and their Austrian allies that gave France control over northern Italy. With his various d feats, he returned to France as a hero. In 1804, Napoleon crowned himself Emperor Napoleon l. After Napoleon crowned himself emperor , he first decided to set an agreement NT between him and the pope that would make peace between the French cover moment and the hurt. The agreement they had made was that Napoleon would make Catch licks the religion of France and in return the pope would not ask for the church lands that were seized in the revolution back.

During Napoleon’s reign in France he created around 300 legal systems. Seven law codes stood out over the rest. the most famous one is the Civil Code which is also ca Lied the Napoleonic Code was introduced in 1801. This law was a benefit to some and a huge disadvantage to others. It made women less equal to men, held them back, a ND set many restrictions. They basically had only as many rights as children did. Napoleon developed a bureaucracy of officials where rank in birth mattered a ND whether you were hired or not was based on your ability.

After Napoleon hired people based Off Of ability instead of social ranking there created 3,200 nobles with 60% of them being military officers, Barehanded 4 22% were from noble families and the rest were civil service and/ or state and local officials. Napoleon made many crucial changes including shutting down and banning 8 2% of France’s newspapers and books because he decided that all manuscripts had to go thro cough the government before they could be published. Even mail was opened by government police before going through to the citizens.

Napoleon was the master of Europe from 1807 to 181 2 for many reasons. His Grand Empire was made up of 3 parts. These were The French Empire, dependent SST dates, and allied states. Napoleon made it this way for better organization. One of Napoleons many goals was to spread the most important principles of the French Revolution. For example e quality, religious toleration, and economic freedom. These principles were very important whew n the liberal traditions were being developed. The fall of his reign happened fast. Britain’s ability to resist Napoleon and the r sis of Nationalism were the main causes of this.

Britain had great sea power making it almost completely invulnerable to its enemies, one being Napoleon. Napoleon tried many things to defeat Britain but each and every one Of his plans failed. His downfall began when he tried to invade Russia and take over but failed epically. The Russians pushed Napoleon n and his men out of Russia and back into France. Napoleon was left with a small fraction of the men he had before. After this event he went into exile because he attempted suicide and failed. L oasis XVI tried to intention on where Napoleon left off and quickly failed.

Napoleon then saw hi s opportunity to come back and rise to power again took it right away. His last battle in Waters 00 was his final defeat putting him back in exile until his death in 1821. Barehanded 5 During their times they were both powerful and popular people. Napoleon w as very popular because he gave France power and the French loved having power so they liked Napoleon. He also made some drastic changes to the government and its law s. The majority of them benefited the people making them happy. They basically praised Napoleon eon and entrusted heir lives in him.

Many liked Julius Caesar but there some who greatly dislike d him. Julius also changed the government and its laws for the better but it didn’t affect the fact that he had too much power for their liking. Napoleon and Julius both started their career in the military. All though it hap penned in different ways and for different reasons. Napoleon, being extremely smart, SST died war tactics and artillery on his own time and later received a scholarship to a military such LOL that was particularly famous. Napoleon furthered his career in the military from there.

Julius started his rarer in the military because he was forced to divorce his wife at the time an d if he refused he was at risk at losing everything. He decided to escape through the military an d served in three provinces. Julius’ career started from there. Even though they had different m titivation for their determination they achieved some similar accomplishments throughout their lifetime. Julius had too many people close by that didn’t like him and that lead to his d death. Julius and Napoleon both died dictators. The power took control led to the cause oft heir deaths. Many were afraid of Julius’ power that kept getting greater.

Napoleon let his power get to him and got himself into something he couldn’t handle and wasn’t able to get himself out of it. Although Julius and Napoleon both came from poor families it did not hold the me back from achieving great things. They started their careers at young age’s giving the me a headstand. Barehanded 6 they set goals and once they reached them they set more goals. They didn’t s title for anything. They were very determined to do and be great things and that’s what they got . They both put forth a lot of hard work and dedicated time and that got them far in life.

They deserved the power ND popularity they received. Even though the power took over and controller d them making them addicted to the power and it was never enough. The fall of Napoleon and Julius were quite different. Julius Caesar wanted pop ere and to make decisions that affected his political figure for the better. Napoleon Bon apart thought he was a lot more stronger and invulnerable than he actually felt he could do who dafter he wanted and succeed. He stopped thinking things through and making plans that could NT fail and started carelessly going after things and people. It eventually came back and bit him hard.

The deaths Of Julius and Napoleon were quite different. Julius was assassinate d by a group of people from the senate that snuck in knives by hiding them under the Eire robes and then they stabbed him to death. Napoleon attempted suicide through poison but it was too old to do enough damage-Napoleon then went into exile. He then tried to rise to power again and failed deciding to go back into exile until he was diagnosed with stomach cancer an d died. Napoleon fell from power because of his poor decisions and later died. He wasn’t going anywhere. If Julius wasn’t assassinated how far would he have gotten?

If all of Rome was accepting to his power and how it kept increasing Julius woo old have most likely conquered all of Europe and maybe more. That would be if no one else got in his way and he did not get sick. If Napoleon didn’t get ahead of himself and marc h into Russia not knowing a thing he would have most likely gotten farther than he did. He woo Alden have lost the Barehanded 7 men he did and would have been able to defeat the British. Julius and Napoleon on both made mistakes that led to their death despite the differences. Overall Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte lived similar lives.

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