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One of his greatest achievements was his supervision Of the revision and collection Of French law into codes. The new law code incorporated some of the freedoms gained by the people of France during the French revolution, including religious toleration and the abolition of serfdom. The most famous of the codes, the Code Napoleon or Code Civil, still forms the basis of French civil law. Napoleon also centralized France’s government by appointing prefects to administer regions called departments, which France was divided.

Over the course of little more than a decade, the armies of France under his command fought almost every European rower and acquired control of most tooth western and central mainland to Europe by conquest or alliance until his disastrous invasion of Russia in 1812, followed by defeat at the Battle of Leipzig in October 1813, which led to his abdication several months later and his exile to the island of Elba, He staged a comeback known as the Hundred Days, but was again defeated decisively at the Battle of Waterloo in present day Belgium on jejune 181 S, followed shortly afterwards by his surrender to the British and his exile to the island of Saint Helena, where he died six years later _ Although Napoleon himself developed few military innovations, he used the best tactics from a variety of sources, and the modernized French army, as reformed under the various revolutionary governments, to score several major victories. His campaigns are studied at military academies all over the world and he is generally regarded as one Of the greatest commanders ever to have lived.

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Aside from his military achievements, Napoleon is also remembered for the establishment Of the Napoleonic Code. Also. Napoleon appointed several members of the Bonaparte family and lose friends of his as monarchs of countries he conquered and as important government figures. Although their reigns did not survive his downfall, a nephew, Napoleon Ill, ruled France later in the nineteenth century. Napoleon, one of the greatest French rulers, was one of the greatest military commanders in history. He took control with an iron fist, innovation tactics, his code of laws, abolition of serfdom, feudalism, etc. He still is remembered by millions today, making his legacy last.

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