Alternative Marketing Options Assignment

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These individuals are typically mage conscious, fashionable, tech-savvy, and are attention seekers. Marketing Tactics “Branding is endowing products and services with the power of a brand. Branding is all about creating differences. To brand a product, it is necessary to teach consumers “who” the product is-??by giving it a name and using other brand elements to help identify it-??as well as “what” the product does and “why’ consumers should care” (Kettle, & Keller, (2007), p. 136). One may use branding as a marketing option for the phone 4 throughout personal selling.

Branding will help to improve sales of he phone 4 by defining and building the company’s image and the product’s image too. This promotion will include the marketing option of the price offers on the phone 4 commodities which will help in marketing the phone by attracting more consumers. Advertising There are numerous marketing options that one may use to advertise, public relations, selling, and promotions for the phone 4. According to Yell (2012), banner advertising is an appearance that is next to the key content on a relevant website – where potential customers of yours can see it.

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When a reader clicks on it, they are ken to one’s weapon so they may find out more about what the phone offers. Not only will this promote the phone but when the individual is taken to the Apple Inc. weapon the individual may find interest in other Apple products that may be found on the Apple weapon. Promotions According to Cousin (2009), sales promotion is a vital tool in integrated marketing communication (MIMIC). It provides several distinct benefits in the achievement of company’s objectives that can account for it becoming one of the fastest growing MIMIC tools.

Promotions will offer discounts to attract more consumers to purchase the Phone. By placing a product on sale or at discounted price it will allow the company to sell the item without a loss. “Sales promotion, a key ingredient in many marketing campaigns, consists of a diverse collection of incentive tools, mostly short term, designed to stimulate trial, or quicker or greater purchase, of particular products or services by consumers or the trade” (Kettle, & Keller, (2007), p. 302).

Personal Selling By stevedore Personal selling is known as tact-to-tact involvement and it is related to a nigh degree of gaining an individual’s attention. Through personal selling complex information that may be connected to the phone can be explained to the customer until he or she has a complete understanding. A weakness that is connected with this is personal selling not considered to be cost effective way of reaching a large audience because the sales person will be dealing with one customer at a time. The personal touch” remains an integral part of keeping customers, regardless of the size of the company. In the case of a small business, it is absolutely vital. Knowing the names of customers, their preferences, and other key information makes a sales call r visit to a retail operation a much more positive experience” (Glow, & Aback, (2007), p. 451). Public Relations Online public relations will lead to profits since it reaches a massive targeted audience and gets an influential online presence to change leads to sales. All targeted effort and success is visible.

With the mixture of strategies, that have tried, and tested to improve sales. Online public relations will trigger change. Apple Inc. ‘s public relations will have the power to change the way individuals think, the way they feel, and the way individuals behave to benefits Apple’s phone. Apple’s experienced team modifies a strategy to fit their needs for a larger return on investment. Conclusion According to Glow, & Aback, (2007), integrated marketing communications is a perception of marketing communications planning that distinguishes the added value of a comprehensive plan.

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