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Apple was well known for having the best personal computers but the company needed to make changes to keep up with their competitors. There are two major changes Apple Inc. Made that set them apart from their competitors. Apple Inc. Wasn’t able to break free from their competitors until 2001 when the pod was created. Before the pod was created; digital music players either too big and clunky or small and useless which made the pod so popular. Hard disk MPH players had been around for many years, but Apple Inc. Set themselves apart from the rest by making their product better than the competitors.

The second major change Apple Inc. Made was when the company combined the pod and Smartened and created the phone. The introduction of the phone, Apple Inc. Has grown to be one of the most valuable companies in the world. Apple Inc. Didn’t stop there. Over the years, the company has made changes to their existing phone which has lead up to the release of the new phone 6. Product Description The Apple phone 6 has arrived and is not only bigger, but better in every way. The phone 6 is larger and more powerful, yet thinner and power efficient. This new Apple product has a metal surface and new Retina HAD display.

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The phone 6 is getting closer to perfection by the use of a continuous form where hardware and software function in unison. The Apple phone 6 is not only meeting expectations, but beating them. There are some key features of the Apple phone 6. The phone 6 is the largest phone thus far, while also being the thinnest. The phone is also available as the phone 6, at 6. 9 mm, or the phone 6 Plus, at 7. 1 mm. The phone 6 also has a bigger multi-touch display with Retina HAD display features. The phone 6 is powerful and efficient with a 64-bit desktop-class architecture, AAA chip, and MM motion coprocessor.

The sight camera has a new sensor with Focus Pixels and video features, including IPPP HAD, Oslo-MO, and time-lapse video mode. With the phone 6, customers get faster wireless with quicker LET download speeds and xx faster Wife speeds, as well as security right at their fingertips with the Touch ID technology. Another great feature of the phone 6 is that shopping can be secure and private with the combination of Apply Pay, Touch ID, and Passbook with MFC technology, which allows customers the ability to pay in stores and in APS with a single touch (“Apple”, 2014).

These are the key features of he Apple phone 6, all of which add up to being the biggest ISO release ever. Importance of Marketing The importance of marketing the phone 6 is huge. The phone was a big hit when it grist came to the market. The marketing strategy should be how we can pull consumers from Samsung to Apple. These two companies are the largest and most successful in the cell phone industry today. So marketing the phone 6 will have to be important to Apple because the launch of the bigger screen will tell if the phone 6 will be a huge success or not.

Need to watch the feedback from phone 5 to see what he consumers really want with the phone and use the feedback for a better phone then the competitors and the last version of the phone. SCOTT The strength of the product will be good due to the loyal phone users and buyers who continue to use the Apple cell phone products. The loyal consumers are the people we do not want to lose. The weakness of this product is that it is not compatible to all the other cell phones. It does not have replaceable batteries or able to add storage to the phone. Samsung with the Galaxy is making all these changes which is pulling the Apple users to Samsung.

Apple needs to find away to pull the consumers back to Apple. The biggest threat out there is Samsung. The phone 6 is the first big screen phone ever made and that will tell Apple if the phone 6 will bring new consumers because of the new big screen. Trending id real big right now on the phone 6, collaborating that the phone 6, Apple noticed new users not Just the typical consumers in their ass’s but now more elderly people as well. The phone 6 new big screen and new ISO seems to b a big hit right know. The Marketing Research Approach The success of most businesses lies within its marketing.

Marketing is a process in which a product or service is introduced to potential customers. Without marketing, a business would not be able to reach out to the potential customers. There are many steps a business will take to ensure its products reach the right customers. It is important to spread the word of new products to potential buyers. By using marketing strategies; businesses create product awareness. When introducing the new Apple phone 6, we would use five methods of market research to reach our target audience. The methods of marketing research we would use would be revere, field trials, and observation.

Surveys are a great way for businesses to target their specific audience. By producing short questionnaires, business can analyze small groups and receive information on their products. Using the right survey will determine the success of the questionnaires. Our company will focus on small questionnaires spread throughout social media to help gather information on current and future products. With the release of the new Apple phone 6, it is important to determine which customers are benefiting from the product and which customers we can attract in the future.

Field trials are another method of market research we will use for the release of the phone 6. By placing the product in selected stores, we can test customers’ response under real-life conditions. The importance of field trials is to determine the right pricing, product modifications and even improve the packaging. Observation is the third method of marketing research we will conduct. By placing cameras in stores we can videotape how customers are responding to our product. This will give us an accurate picture of customers’ usage habits and shopping habits and where to focus our marketing efforts.

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