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john locke JUSTIFYING REBELLION:John locke and the right to revolution John Locke was born in 1632 and died in 1704. Locke is among the most in fluential polictical philosophers of the modern period. John Locke argued that the people have rights like the right to life,liberty and property. Locke was one of the founding fathers who were in favor of the right to revolt. The second amendment is opposed by the founders today. The american revolution it’s self is one of the most persuasive testimony illistrating the right to bear arms.

The right of Revolution is the right or duty of the people of a nation to over throw a goverment that acts against their common interests. The concept of the right of revolution was also taken up by John Locke in two treaties of goverment as part of his social contact theory. The first treatise was aimed squarely at the work of another 17th-century political theorist, Sir Robert Filmer, whose Patriarcha (1680, though probably written in the 1630s) defended the theory of divine right of kings. Locke claims that Filmer’s doctrine defies common sense”.

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In Locke’s Second Treatise on Civil Government Locke implies that all “equal” human beings will choose to obtain goods that will inevitably lead to conflict. Human beings must be governed by this natural law of morality before entering into a society. Locke proposed a radical conception of political philosophy deduced from the principle of self-ownership and the corollary right to own property, which in turn is based on his famous claim that a man earns ownership over a resource when he ixes his labour with it.

Government, he argued, should be limited to securing the life and property of its citizens. John Locke, who writes from the view of a realist, argues that the government is established by a social contract, although they have limited powers, they can be modified by the authority that conferred them. Locke’s second Treatise of Government fundamentally places sovereignty into the individual’s hands. Locke, argued state of equality rather than war.

Locke believed hat in order for human beings to protect their property as well as themselves, they must Join together and enter into a social contract, developing an executive power with authority. When the “governing bodies” begin to protect themselves instead of their people, Locke states that the people must resist and revolt, otherwise known as the “right of rebellion” where individuals should resist AND even attempt to replace the government.. 382 Revolution is no stranger to the united states. American revolution is how our country

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