Industrial Revolution Assignment

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Ululated- handicraft workers who attacked whole factories In northern England In 812 and after smashed the new machines, which they believed were putting them out of work. 9. Factory Act of 1833- limited the factory workday for children between the ages of nine and thirteen to eight hours and for adolescents between fourteen and eighteen to twelve hours. This act made no effort to regulate the hours of work for children at home or in small businesses. The law prohibited employment under the age of nine and was instead sent to elementary schools that factory owners were required to establish.

Questions: 1 . The Industrial Revolution began In England that was something new In history and unplanned. The term was coined In the sass by awed contemporaries to describe the burst of major Inventions and technical changes that they witnessed In certain industries. 2. The industrial revolution changes affected society by a tiny minority of the people- mostly wealthy English and Scottish-held most of the land and pursued profits aggressively leasing their land at competitive prices for middle-class farmers.

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The rammers mainly produced for cash markets and relied on landless laborers for their workforce. The village poor found the cost of economic change and technological progress heavy and unjust. 3. Working conditions In the early factories were less satisfactory than the conditions of cottage weavers and spinners, and people were reluctant to work In them. Factory owners turned to young children who have been abandoned by their parents to put had to keep up with the machine and follow its tempo. The workers had to show up everyday and work hard and long.

The women who worked at the factories could interrupt their work and break up their work up to spinning with other tasks. Children would also be used in factories and they would be treated badly. They would receive little or no pay at all when they worked at the factory. 4. The changes that will be made to the world as a result of the Industrial Revolution will be that people will have more access to travel around quicker, new technology will be spread around, new medicine will be developed, and cotton will be cheaper since it’s faster to make now.

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