Industrial Revolution Assignment

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Rapid increases in technology were the economic effects of Industrial Revolution During the Industrial Revolution it impacted the people socially a lot because of the changes that they were going through. Many people had to change from working on a farm to working in a factory. Most people had to move from the South to the North and it brought more people to the city which increased the population in the cities. Once the factories started to become more popular, there were class differences. There were different ranks within the class, like the “middle” and the “upper” class.

The middle class was filled with business people and other professionals. These people formed schools and universities because they felt the need for education, possibly due to the increase in population. The middle and the upper class had better places to live and better food, which led to fewer diseases. But then there were the “working’ class, where many of them were placed in factories. The working class worked more than half the day and the children worked for minimal wages. Most of these children became deformed or crippled because of their work. Their housing conditions were not the best. They were unsanitary and crowded.

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The working class had it much different arm the middle and upper class. People were impacted morally in a lot of ways throughout the Industrial Revolution. Many early workers lived in horrible conditions and they had low wages. In the factories if someone got hurt, they got fired because the factory couldn’t afford it. And when people tried to go on strikes they were ineffective because the works would just be replace by immigrant who would work for less money. Child labor had existed even before the Industrial Revolution, but once it began, it became worse and more visible. They were paid lower wages than the elders, because of their age.

The Industrial was a bad time for a lot Of people, if you were a child, an adult, or one of the elderly. The working conditions were horrid and terrible. And many people did not think it was fair that most of the immigrants got quite a few jobs, just because they were willing to be paid not as much as the others. This caused conflict be;en the two. Not only were the working conditions were bad, but the living conditions were just as bad as well. Most bosses didn’t give a second thought before sending someone out on the streets jobless, if they weren’t able to work, because of an injury or an illness.

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