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War be used to reflect the legacy of George Washington? Britain and France had long been in competition for territory in North America. The land west and northwest of the Appalachian Mountains was valuable due to its abundances In waterways, fisheries, game, and beaver runs. As France expanded Its territory and colonies along the Ohio River Valley, the governor of Vulgarly, Robert Identified, sent twenty-year-old Major George Washington of the Vulgarly Regiment to confront the French forces.

His actions there led to a major string of events, resulting n the formal beginning of the nation, which he becomes the leader of around thirty years later. Identified sent Washington to deliver a message to the French demanding that they leave the region and stop their harassment of English traders and settlers In April of 1753. As Washington explored further Into the mountains, he, his men, and Tonsorial, a Seneca chief, marched Into Fort Duquesne In western Pennsylvania and encountered French troops, engaging in conflict.

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Competition and tension arose and Washington fired upon these troops, killing the French leader, among many others, sparking a war between the two European colonies. This war came to be known as the French and Indian war, or The Seven Year’s War, starting in 1754, escalating from a regional clash into a world conflict in 1760 when the nations of France and Britain declared war on each other. Pond learning of this attack at Fort Duquesne and what came to be called Jumbled Glen, Claude-Pierre Peccary De Contoured, the veteran French commander at Fort Duquesne, ordered Captain Joseph Colon De Fillers, to attack Washington and his force near Great Meadows. De Fillers left Fort Duquesne with nearly six hundred French soldiers and Canadian Latinate, along with one hundred Native American allies. After being made aware of the outnumbered forces, Washington briskly fortified his spot at Great Meadows.

Despite receiving additional men, Washington’s force of around four hundred men seemed minimal compared to the approaching French. Washington’s fort was built in the center of the meadow, poorly situated and vulnerable to attack from the nearby wooded hills that circled the position. It was named Fort Necessity and on the morning of July 3, 1754, the large combined French and native forces reached Great Meadows.

Washington gathered his troops and retreated into Fort Necessity when the French began firing on the English. Realizing the hopelessness of his situation, Washington and his troops to return to Virginia in peace, but one clause in the document had Washington admitting that he had “assassinated” Janesville, which was something that Washington strongly argued even though he signed the document.

Additionally, The Battle of Great Meadows proved to be the only time that Washington surrendered to an enemy in battle. Now focusing much of the British military strategy on conquering Canada, William Pit, British Prime Minister, alters the ar effort and sets out to take over Lugubrious in 1758, the surrender of Quebec to General James Wolfe in 1759, and the capture of Montreal in 1760.

With these new British conquests over the French, the Treaty of Paris is signed in 1763 and Great Britain gains French Canada and Spanish Florida, increasing the English control of North America. With this great power, the British formally controlled the thirteen colonies and areas to the west. The French and Indian War had a great affect on George Washington as it conditioned him and gave him the experience and aground for his future as one of our Founding Fathers.

Starting out with an “accidental” start of a war, Washington ended up leading men into battle, he negotiated with leaders of foreign countries, he gave orders and issued commands to men and fellow military leaders, all at the young age of twenty. He spoke with authority during his leadership in this war and inspired his troops to heroism. The events of the French and Indian War can be used to reflect the legacy of George Washington for they provided the crucial and fundamental knowledge and skill needed for his presidency beginning in 1789.

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