Great Depression Assignment

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Be dismissed from Jobs Black Shirts- “No Jobs for Naggers Until Every White Man Has A Job! -violence 1932 over h blacks in South= unemployed 400,000 move to the North (less discrimination and better conditions) NY- black employment= 50% 2 million AAA were on some form of relief by 1932 stubborn case (1931-1950) NAACP began to work to win a position for blacks wealth the emerging labor rondo -> over million- able to join Steelworks union- AAA constituted alb 20% of members 1. Mexican Americans: Apron. 2 million in the sass’s Some farmed/ were agricultural migrants Most lived in urban areas Some= forced to leave country h a million Chicanes left the U. S to Mexico Faced discrimination Relief programs excluded Mexicans from their roles No access to American schools Hospitals refused them admission Migrated to cycles such as L. A. Were they lived In poverty 2. Asian Americans- Japanese: Often worked in fruit strands, 20% of all Nisei in L. A. Worked there in sass’s Often lost jobs to white Americans Suffered from increasing competition for Jobs Japanese American citizens League, 6000 members 3.

Asian Americans-Chinese: Those who moved outside the Asian community could rarely find Jobs above entry level Educated Chinese men/women has no hope for professional opportunities outside the world of Chinatown Belief that a women’s proper place was at home If they had a husband who was employed they should not accept a Job Wives/ others= ;largest group of female workers By the end of the Depression 20% more women were working Professional opportunities declined due to men Female industrial workers= more likely to be laid off or experience wage reductions Paid less than men Advantage: nonprofessional Jobs they usually help were less likely to disappear Black women suffered massive unemployment because of a great reduction of domestic service Jobs h of all black women lose Jobs in sass’s 38% of black women= employed vs.. 25% of white women Women often returned to sewing clothes for families and preserving their own foods, rather than buying in stores

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