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In the world nowadays, there are many new inventions have invented. They are including cars, motorcycles, electronic gadgets and the machines that use the burning of fossil fuel. Instead of the benefits of these new inventions, there are many disadvantages, too. There are two main reasons that cause air pollution. One of the main causes of air pollution is manufacturing. This source of pollution spews particulate matter and chemicals into the atmosphere. The particulate matter and chemicals that come from a factory includes Sulfur sides, Nitrogen oxides, Carbon monoxide and dioxide.

And these kinds of chemicals and pollutions are very harmful to humans, animals, nature, and other living things. For example, when these kinds of pollutions are spewed up into the space, they’re going to break the Ozone that protects us from the sunlight. Moreover, they also can make us unhealthy such as; decrease our lung functions, cough, shortness of breath, and also make asthma and other lung diseases get worse. So these chemicals and pollutions are very harmful to humans and other living things.

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Another main cause is vehicles and machines that use of burning fossil fuel. Most of the vehicles and machines are using the burning of fossils fuel that releases carbon dioxide, greenhouse gas that can cause to global warming. For instance, the automobiles, old machines, vehicles are using burning fossil fuel, and they releases the Carbon dioxides into the air that can harm the human and living things, etc. Furthermore, it’s also caused to global warming that make the earth become hotter and hotter, flooding, acid rain, and other starters, etc.

So we should have some plans to prevent this kind of pollution. Air pollution is caused by the two main sources, manufacturing and automobiles that are very harmful to humans, animals, plants, and the others living things, etc. We should reduce this kind of pollutions by reduce the amounts of driving owned cars and try to ride the buses, plants more trees to produce Oxygen, do not use the automobile machines that are old because it release many kind of chemicals pollution into the environment.

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