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I grew up in this and kept the family farm owing under this system… ‘ guess it is all I am used to. With my wife dead and raising a daughter I work hard on the farm and usually intermittently employ a couple neighbors as farmhands. Raising the chickens, pigs and growing crops is hard work, but if my daughter can grow up to see better than this it will be more than worth it. Being part of the third estate is not what I want my daughter to be, however in a society such as this, how may it ever change!

Activity B June 30th 1785 To: Monsieur Bertrand Sebastian (Brother in London) The plight of our estate is contrasted most greatly with the knowledge of the plunder and lavishness of the the nobility. As you know, earlier in the week I as well as a couple friends of my childhood Jacques and Bernard whom are a barber and a lawyer respectively decided to go into Paris to spend a few days out of country life. This has been the first time I have left Calculate alone since her mother died. She is with her aunt for the time being, and I hope she is well.

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In addition I worry about the condition of my farm. I sure do hope those boys I hired from Larch are reliable. Walking through the East side of town and stepping out of the tavern on this hot mummer night with Jacques and Bernard I see a row of carriages roll by and stop in front of a prodigal mansion about a hundred yards up the road. With a sense of curiosity we walk up to the front of the house, now with 2 grand carriages parked at it’s helm. 18 rue SST. Jacques is the address (inscribed on a small brass plaque on the left of the doorway).

A small man, about 5 foot tall looked at us, asking what we were doing, however after shining his lamp on us it was discovered that he was one of Barnyard’s old friends from the University. After our simultaneous introduction, he coined to the guard outside the door of the house and asked us whether we wanted to Join them for a bite to eat. We all agreed and were escorted into one of the most grand rooms imaginable, the walls were lined with gold leaf and the artwork on the walls from the East. The room was filled with men of high society.

Frankly we felt out of place, yet the party was in full swing for the royals so we Joined in with the festivities. We sat at a table on the far corner of the room yet we could still see the hosts. It turned out to be none other than the King and Queen of France at the head able. I was shocked to be in their presence, Oh what a stroke of luck. Though we were the most unfashionable at the party we still managed to have a good time with the likes of high society. The food was exquisite, consisting of pheasant, pork and foodstuffs I had never even seen before.

In the middle of the party however, I began to think of my daughter and the people in my own community. Are these so called royal oblivious to the starvation on demise of the lower classes, do they not know our struggle? To think, if even half the money and resources spent on one of these lavish arties were put towards helping the third estate in the town of Numerous, how many lives would be bettered, how many lives would be saved from starvation? And yet, the taxation of the people is skyrocketing with every season. To what is the money being spent on?

These parties!? If so this is an insult to the French people! I left the party disheartened and disappointed to see the Joyousness of the royals being built off what I saw as the back of the common man. I tire and work almost non-stop to support my child and business, however the taxation which is bestowed upon us is o much to Justify such lavishness. The money which we give to the government should be used to help all, not Just a select few. Such I hear were the ideas which the revolution on the other side of the Atlantic were built on.

Jacques and Bernard decided to party until dawn with them, while I had left the celebration after only a couple hours. My disgust and distrust for those at the helm of the French society is building as I write you this letter on the banks of the Seine, waiting for the coco to crow for morning. I hope you are well in London, brother and from what I hear society s much better off there. Write back to me with your thoughts brother, I hope to see you soon. Vive la France! Activity C August 1st 1789 (Pastille Day) (Memoir to Calculate) Today was an unbelievable day for the Third Estate.

We stormed the Pastille to protest how we have been treated. We needed to fight back. This historic day has been brought about due to years of mistreatment by the King. In the National Assembly, second and third estates have untied with nobles and peasants now joining together in the national assembly to convince the King of his wrongs. This is cause King Louis XVI has been unfairly treating us, the proletariat as well as many nobles. He is not rationing enough bread and keeps raising taxes. We, the bourgeoisie was feeling an extreme depression and we are as well enraged.

After the National assembly, feudalism seemed to be abolished and the royals seemed to be giving enough bread to the people and there was talk of lowering taxes for us. But it was Just for few days. Later on, King Louis XVI rose taxes again and the supplies of grain began to dwindle. The people of France, with I your father included, angry about it that we decided to revolt against the King. Many of the bob and nobles decided to attack the Pastille within 3 days. We gathered roar a discussion and a plan how we going to attack the Pastille. Three day lat in front of the gate of the Pastille and got ready for the battle.

We shouted treat us same as the church(last estate)! ” We burnt down the barracks and the Pastille. From now, it is the real revolution. I’m not scared anymore, w scared anymore. The people are awakened. This incident is to be record as the “Storming of the Pastille”. I am not willing to put everything at stake France to the glory it deserves and to help it’s people become contributor I will pledge my belongings, I will fight, in order to restore what is rightfully people’s. King Louis XVI is trying to run away from us, but he will soon be accountable by his own people whom he has held in practical servitude. Louis is to probably be executed by Robberies, this monarchy will no 10 Us commoners are happy that the King as well as his Queen, Marie Antoine now out of their positions however we now worry about what the fate of F may be. For now we can only hope for the best, and rejoice. Activity D August 11 1792 The Attack on Utilities by The Sans-culottes and other Re vs. Royalists I have not been called out to serve in the Republican Army in the tradition rather they have asked me to write articles for La Gazette in order to info people of what is going on in the nation. Some may fight with a musket, I s with a pen.

I was present at Utilities the day it was stormed and this is my account a Many events occurred in the months prior to the Storming of the Utilities led up to this violent episode. As early as June 20, 1792 several crowds of citizens traveled to the Utilities Palace in an attempt to convince the king government, economy, and society of France needed to change. Luckily of after reassuring the crowd, they retreated without hurting anyone, having impression that things would change. Around 10 in the morning on Gauge mob of nearly 30,000 French citizens advanced toward the Utilities Palace King Louis WI.

The King had fled with his family at this point and the pal being held by the elite Loyalist Swiss guard. Before the king fled along wit volunteer soldiers, he left no orders for the Swiss Guard who defended the The guards saw the crowds coming but with no orders, the guards rushed walls and tried to fight off the attack with single-shot muskets. After firing rounds into the crowd the guards realized their efforts were worthless an chose to surrender the palace in the hopes of saving their lives. The mob the palace with vengeance in their hearts, leaving only 300 of the 900 Swiss alive.

The people found no king inside the palace, but murdered anyone within the walls that might have been associated with the king: cooks, servants, maids, etc. , no one was spared. After killing numerous Swiss guards and other staff present at the Utilities Palace, the Paris mob moved to the Legislative Assembly building and claimed their prize. King Louis XVI and his family, who had been hiding, were found and arrested. This event signified the end of the monarchy in France and started the official trial of the king. Activity E January 26th 1793 Death of Louis XVI The fall of a monarch!

I couldn’t believe my eyes!. The colossal crowd of hot-tempered citizens stretched across Place De la Revolution. I stooped on my tiptoes, trying to get a final glimpse of the King making his last public appearance. Hundreds of large, bulky soldiers surrounded Louis as he was positioned. His fake, gray, dirty wig fell before his face, covering his pleading eyes. It was time. A man in a black outfit hoisted the grievous blade of the guillotine up above the King’s once mighty head, and then dropped the shining, angled blade at the signal of Robberies.

The swiftness of such a gruesome action was what made it bearable to watch. The head rolled along the deck of the guillotine, then stopped against a railing, wig still blocking his crying eyes. Once the executioner showed off Louis Wig’s head to the people, a huge cry of Vive la Nation! Vive la Rapplique! Arose and an artillery salute rang out across the immense crowd of people. It was over. I cannot think remember f such a day when the King did not look so weak, and frail. For years now, he tormented the nation of France, and did wrong by his people.

It was time for someone new to rule France. Not someone who simply sits back and watches his nation starve. Rather, someone who sets out to make a difference in their nation, and not to so unresponsive and so unwilling to make a change in government when it clearly isn’t working. Someone who will bring peace to our nation of France. I believe that this person at this point is Robberies. As of now, as we are at war with Austria, Robberies needs to secure his position, and fight this war for us. It has been five days since the execution.

Although I have faith in Robberies calling all of France to it’s full potential, I fear that this may have brought more violence upon us. Rumors for been scattered around the city, saying that Robberies was planning to get rid of all of the Gridirons that apparently stop him from achieving what he wishes to achieve. I don’t think he would attempt something so violent, but I can see why he could be threatened. Also, because of the execution of Louis WI, different King”s across Europe have started to feel threatened by his lust for power. Preposterous!

How is that a threat to other countries? He is simply getting rid of the bad and replacing it with what is good for the people. As of now, the royal family is held captive in prison, at La Concierge; Something different from what they’re used to. At least now we know there is no immanent threat towards Robberies and the Jacobin. But as I look towards the future, I sense many different feelings. On one side, I feel the nation of France thriving and rising to global glory once again, but violence on the way. I Just hope that Robberies brings peace to our land.

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