French And Indian War Summary Assignment

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The dispute erupted into violence in the Battle Of Somerville Glen in May 1754. During this time a Virginia militiamen under the command of 22-year-old George Washington ambushed a French patrol. British operations in 1755, 1756 and 1757 in the frontier areas of Pennsylvania and New York all failed. This was due to a combination of poor management, internal divisions, and effective Canadian, French and Indian offense. The 1755 British capture of Fort Beausjuror on the border of Nova Scotia and Acadia was followed by its policy to the expulsion of the Acadia.

The Acadia, both those captured in arms and those who had sworn the oath to His Britannic Majesty, ere expelled. The Native Americans were also driven off their land to make way for New England settlers. In 1756 the two original countries declared war on each other, it later went from a regional conflict into a world-wide one. In 1757 British campaigns failed, an expedition against Lugubrious and the Siege of Fort William Henry then the Indian torture and massacres of British victims caused the British government to fall. William Pit came to power and significantly increased British military resources in the colonies.

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At a time when France was unwilling to risk rage convoys to help the limited forces it had in New Prance, it concentrated its forces against Prussia and its allies in the European warfare. Between 1758 and 1 760, the British military successfully penetrated the core of New Prance and took control of Montreal in September 1760. In conclusion to the war France gave French Louisiana west Of the Mississippi River to its ally Spain. The colonial presence of France north of the Caribbean was reduced to the islands of Saint Pierre and Uniquely, Which confirmed Britain’s position as the dominant colonial power in the eastern half of North America.

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