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Since Marcus Graver was an African preacher who spoke of equality for the black man, the Elite’s family was targeted by white supremacist organizations, one in reticular being the UK Klux Klan, also known as the ASK. [4]The UK Klux Klan went as far as to burn their home in Lansing, Michigan down to the base boards in 1929.

Not even a year and a half later the police found Malcolm father, face down dead with his head shattered and lying on some streetcar tracks with his body cut almost clean in half, the police reported it as an accident but the Elite’s family believed there was no way it was some sort of an ‘accident’ but rather a planned attack and murder by a white supremacist organization. So, you could pretty much conclude hat Malcolm had a very rough upbringing with way too much exposure to racism and violence to have a regular childhood. [1] Malcolm was then raised primarily by his mother, until 1937, when Ms.

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Little was sent into an emotional downward spiral and as a result had many mental break downs and was deemed UN fit as a care taker of her own children, Ms. Little was admitted to a mental hospital and Malcolm and his seven siblings were dispersed to separate foster parents around the state. While it was a difficult time, Malcolm survived and all his suffering and anguish molded him onto very mentally strong young man; Malcolm X became the most influential Historical Figure for Black America in the 20th century [1] The young Malcolm showed signs of great intelligence at school.

He had dreams of getting into law school and becoming a fully fledged a lawyer, but his dreams were quickly crushed when a racist teacher suggested a career in carpentry, not law. His first Job was at an upscale hotel employed as a shoe shiner, while working there he was mesmerism’s by the young men who hung around the pool rooms, bars, and restaurants hustling people for heir money. In his spare time, he started a life of hustling and selling drugs such as marijuana and cocaine to rich white males giving him some extra cash.

From there it all went downhill. After a few years, he moved out of Detroit and into the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps, New York. He was quickly acknowledged for his confidence and street power by others and started up an underworld community of blacks, making money by hustling and stealing. He was then known by many and quickly given the street name “Detroit Red”. [2] He later returned to Boston and darted a burglary ring which eventually got him in some trouble and ultimately arrested.

He was then imprisoned by late 1946, sentenced to ten years with parole at [7]Malcolm was angry and full of hate in prison. He was so mad; his fellow inmates Essay on Malcolm X By dangerousness started to long for something to keep him busy. So when his brothers and sisters informed him of the miraculous religion based on Islamic views, he Jumped at the chance to do at least something with his time while being locked up. 2] Malcolm brother, Reginald, convinced him to look into the teachings of Elijah Muhammad [8] UT unfortunately, Malcolm was illiterate and couldn’t read or even put together a proper sentence on paper, so he began the long and painful process of educating himself in prison. He didn’t know how to write a complete sentence because of his small vocabulary and lack of schooling. He slowly but surely copied out the entire dictionary, word for word learning about things such as politics and literature during the process.

He then started to write letters to the leader of The Nation of Islam. [8]EliJah Muhammad and Malcolm discussed back and forth about the views of the Nation of Islam. Elijah was very intrigued by his story and ability to pick up knowledge so quickly and by the time he was let of out prison, he had a strong relationship with Elijah and was given the last name “X”, representing the math term of the unknown. [7] Malcolm X then completely embraced the Nation of Islam and took it as his religion and beliefs.

He was quickly set up with a mosque in Detroit and recruited a lot of black males to help him spread his word and radical religious beliefs in Islam. Malcolm X became the most influential Historical Figure for Black America in the 20th century. He created an image for the black community to look up to, something that the majority of black men and women could relate with their own daily life. He was the perfect leader and an amazing speaker with lots of knowledge to back up points; he had retorts to questions and arguments, and had a great amount of background knowledge about the black community.

He was able to connect and speak directly to them with examples that they all related to. Without delay Malcolm became a very convincing and successful representative for the Nation of Islam. The man Malcolm X gave people with a very common problem a very simple solution. The entire black community look up to him and adored how likable and soothing his words were to their damaged souls. With these skills, he convinced and inspired thousands who had endured similar prejudice to become followers of [1]the Nation of Islam’, a sector of the Islamic beliefs.

They believe that black men are the dominant race, and that whites are not as evolved. With Malcolm speaking skills he was able to bring the Nation of Islam into the public eye, convincing huge numbers of people in the black community to become followers of Elijah Muhammad. [10] Malcolm preached about the beliefs and views hat The Nation of Islam had throughout the sass and into the early sass. The charismatic Malcolm X took the Nation of Islam from an inconsequential group of 400 to a large organization that boasted some 10,000 official members.

He told his followers that the religious leaders and pastors at churches were wrong by telling the black man to love the white man. The beliefs that Malcolm were told was that white people are devils and evil and could not be trusted. All these views he spoke of came from Elijah Muhammad and the beliefs of The Nation of Islam. Here is a quote from extremely formative in my life since prison were first opened to me in the Norfolk Prison Colony. For one thing, I had my first experiences in opening the eyes of my brainwashed black brethren to some truths about the black race.

And, the other; when I had read enough to know something, I began to enter the Prison Colony’s weekly debating program- my baptism into public speaking. ” This quote shows that he really believed that white people have been “brainwashing” black people from the beginning of time and it explains when Malcolm X was introduced to public speaking Most rappers today, for example Snoop Dog, Ice Cube and Dry. Dry all could closely relate to Malcolm and how he survived the ghetto and got out of that “pippin” life.

That is why you hear so many raps about killing, doing drugs, and having sex. [1 1] For example, Snoop Dog, a notorious rapper was projected by the media as the iconic “pimp” and “hustler” which is exactly what he was, this can relate to Malcolm X except with a more urban twist. [1 1] Snoop Dog made raps about his pimping experiences, drug use, and sexual relations with many girls. He highlighted the fact that there were issues within the black community and acknowledged the negative effects of crime, prostitution and gang violence. 1] Snoop Dog; like so many other rappers and citizens in poverty acknowledged that there was something wrong with the community that black people lived in. [1 3] However the problem was not the people but primarily the government’s doing. The US government actually started putting up stores that sold cheaper liquor on every corner and every street of poverty struck communities. They also strategically placed numerous gun stores in the ghetto to promote violence amongst the citizens who live there. It was all orchestrated by the US high powers to plot blacks against one another, making it look as if they were all Eileen and dangerous.

The people in the area had no choice but to revolt and set the neighborhood into a downward spiral of theft, murder, drugs, sex, and poverty. If Malcolm X made raps I would guess they would be a lot like many famous underground rappers today such as Dead Perez, Moss Defy, Nas, Snoop Dog and Dry. Drew; the list could goes on and on and I have listened to my fare share of rap and they all have the same message, something is wrong with the way we live either that being corruption, greed or self pleasure, and a lot of the fault is not on the average citizen but are government is much to blame.

Everyone has tough times in their lives, some more than others but what is important is that you learn from your experience or else all that pain you went though was for nothing. [1 1] Snoop Dog got older, more knowledgeable and got considerably wealthier; he moved out of the ghetto and became who he is today. A rapper and reggae artist who makes music about peace, love, and equality. It is really quite an amazing shift. In the same lifetime he went from one of the angriest of men speaking about murder, drugs, and stealing to preaching about harmony, love and happiness. , 2] After Malcolm Elite’s (Malcolm Ax’s) death in 1965 at the age of 39, he wasn’t a largely noted activist (such as Martin Luther King Jar. ) for the black movement. But in Thing with the famous “by any means necessary” quote from Malcolm Ax’s “The Ballot or the Bullet” speech.. Spike Lee then went on to make an entire film called Malcolm X, It was released in 1992 and was a hit! It started a viral frenzy sparking interest around the world. Malcolm popularity skyrocketed and his beliefs and dreams were renewed! [1] Teens started to wear clothing apparel sporting hats and T-chits with a rage X on it in memory of Malcolm X.

This was happening in every Major city in the US and lots of attention was drawn to Malcolm X in Europe and surrounding countries. Malcolm thoughts and views were revived and he was dollied once again. His ideas were growing and taking root in young people throughout America. Even today many rappers still reference Malcolm Ax’s influence and image he had for the black community as a result of his political, social, and overall view of how the black community should act, in response to the social injustice they endured.

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