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Common Sense Common Sense. What is it? Common sense is something that everyone Is born with, you can be a genius or a fool but you still have It. Most people use It everyday however; some do not. In 1775-1776 Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet named Common Sense. The pamphlet was written by Thomas Paine because he wanted to find a way for the American people to understand what the British is doing and how we needed to revolt. He wrote this pamphlet in a way that the “common” man could understand it. This is where the title “Common Sense” comes from.

The whole ample is simple logical reasons why we need to start our own government and revolt from the British Monarchy. This pamphlet was a great idea and in my opinion, we owe everything we have to Thomas Paine for writing Common Sense. This pamphlet inspired the whole nation to revolt Just as he intended for it to. Without him, who knows what government we would have. He talks about many different themes In this pamphlet or book. One of these themes are about what a government supposed to be and what it is supposed to do for Its country or another one would be him talking about what a monarchy Is and Its laws.

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Each theme he talks about he explains with such detail and thought. He put a lot of work Into this pamphlet and It shows In the way America reacted to It and the events that took place after this pamphlet was published. In Common Sense, Thomas Paine says that the purpose of a government is to protect life, liberty and property. He says that the way we judge a government should only rest upon how the government performs this action. If the government does a great Job protecting life, liberty and property then therefore the government is good. Likewise, if the government does a horrible Job at it then it is bad.

This idea of Just stating what a government is supposed to be started something bigger than anything any country has ever done and it made America the greatest example for revolting against Its Initial “leader”. Thomas Paine Is a genius for doing this. He merely stated something that Is so simple that we have overlook for years, common sense. It Is truly amazing how Ignorant we are as human to the simple things we over look everyday. You can tell by reading this Pamphlet that Thomas Paine does not like monarchy, ND he has reasons to back this up.

Paine explains that man was created in a state of equality. This means there were no kings, no lords, no absolute ruler, and no one was in charge. The only one we had to follow was God. However, in the bible Jews wanted a king to rule them. This angered God but he allowed it. This was a sin on behalf of the Jews. Pain’s point in talking about this is that monarchy was created by sin and all it leads to is more sin. The other sin it leads to would be corrupt leaders, civil war, idolatry, etc. With corruption always comes more corruption.

Pain’s idea was to start again and start our own government without corrupt leaders. Paine argues about Americans situation. He says that we do not need Britain’s help anymore. He thought that American make Its own without Britain watching over America. All that Britain did was watch over us for their own benefit. They thought They taxed us and were stepping on our heels every step of the way. For this he felt like they weren’t deserving of ruling over America. These feelings he had was very rebellious. He was the one who persuaded people to believe it with logic.

Society might have thought about it briefly but they did not really make a big effort to think about everything. All he did was enlighten them on something they already know. This is where they stepped it up and actually did something about it, which resulted in America being a free country where we could set up our own rules and our own government that would not fail us, but protect our rights and our lives. If I was a colonist at that time, I think I would agree with Thomas Paine. As I read it 300 years later I start to think about all the events that would be taking place during his time and what was happening.

I would be afraid of us loosing a revolution but I would want to at least try because something would have to be done about the evil that we were getting from Britain. Common Sense is written phenomenally. He put great effort into it and got great success from the out come. He really explained a lot in it not only to the people that lived 300 years ago but even to the people that live now what really needed to happen and it is eye opening to a whole new way of thinking about politics. I really agreed with what Paine said about the meaning of a Government.

That statement makes me start thinking if our government today follows that standard and for the most part, It does. Thomas Pain was a great man and for opening our eyes we owe him all that we have. I thought it was very interesting how he talked about monarchy and how it comes from sins and it results in sin. I liked how he got biblical evidence to persuade people because it was with something that was important in their lives, Religion. I would recommend that everyone read this pamphlet because it truly is a work of art. Something so simple turned into something amazing.

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