Analsy of The Direct Method and Grammar Translation Assignment

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Students will find the similar rules In Direct Method, teachers use from sentences. Inductive ways to make students understanding grammatical structure of 2. Students learn language by oral and realize rules. Language. Teachers are using grammatical aural repetition and imitation. In short, 2. Grammar translation doesn’t pattern with certain practical logic as the students tend to pick up language with require students’ ability Of foundation fetching technique. Circulating practice no matter in understanding in language simple physical response or inner comprehension in whole, which conscience. Means it doesn’t provide students 2.

Students absorb language by 3. Non-native-spectrograph’s can use their mother tongue as the tool to translate the target langue complete set lesson of language teaching process. Learning. On the other hand, The 4. Non-native-speaking- direct method required students Students can learn target language via listening, speaking writing and their native language by logical reading ability. Students learning grammatical structure. Via the direct method, have got to accomplish holistic field in language comprehension.

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Teacher-student Student-student interaction 1 . Teachers usually stand on the stage to 1 . Teachers focus on pronunciation so explain. Students individually listen to they usually ask students speak for teacher-student and coacher’s lecture and seldom speak. Correcting. Student-student have little Because students have chances to talk interaction. However, there is translation doesn’t cost too much time. And speak, they might discuss with more interaction in Direct Thus, teachers can use a “recyclable”: each other. Method. Teaching pattern to teach students. . The relationship between teachers 2. In terms of motivation and 2. Preparation for teachers in Grammar 3. Students are not requested to practice and students is getting closer and more interest that students have earned language orally so that they make a good unconnected, for the more teaching in both methods, the direct use of logical thinking in grammatical activities they launch the more method relatively provides structure of language. Sooner or later, they bounded they are. Students more. Start translating language with their 3.

Preparation for both teacher and 3. Preparation in grammar mother tongue. Students cost more time and energy; translation method tends to cost thus both teachers and students are more time than the direct method. 4. Grammar translation is based On language sentence structure; thus it tends to be lame able to improve themselves in teaching 4. Teachers are likely using a and tedious to learners who are not process. Familiar With language. Same teaching plan for good by grammar translation method. Variety of teaching technique is lacked. The ways which 1 .

Students might feel boring in the class if students students are not interested in English. 1 . Students can have more interaction 1 . In Grammar translation, with teachers and get feedback students are usually lack of feelings & 2. It is likely that students don’t pay too emotion much attention on self-study, for handled grammatical pattern usually limits dents’ curiosity exploration. 3. Students who are not good at grammatical logic thinking tend to quit learning language easily thanks to the failure of learning result. From teachers so its easier for interest.

However, students are student having motivation to learn. Usually intrigued in Direct 2. The direct method is concentrated in fulfilled field so that students 2. As time pass by, international are hardly getting mentally era overwhelms whole world. Exhausted. Target language commences 3. Students who are good at speaking to take an essential place. And listening tend to get good People, who are able to response in class so that they may perform target language well lack some conscience of grammar orally and aurally that likely understanding. Et a upper hand over the fields. As a result, for those who are trained in the direct method tend to feel more accomplished than others. The role of native language of students 1. Usually using native language explains grammar. 2. Translation between native language and target language is essentially required. 3. Grammatical logic structure in native language takes a great place for learning. 1. Seldom speak native language in lass. 2. Native language doesn’t require too much function in learning 3. It is only used as the bridge of teachers-students communication. . In Grammar translation, teachers usually speak native language but teachers seldom use second language to teach. 2. Grammar translation requests students to have well-done grammatical understanding in both native language and target language but the direct method doesn’t. 3. The direct language requests students learn target language without native language thinking pattern, but grammar translation doesn’t. The languages skill that are emphasize Writing and Reading Listening and Speaking The way teacher 1 .

Using red pen corrects wrong Grammar responds the students error 2. Re-teaching the idea of grammatical structure via native language. 3. Suggest students to remember the grammar pattern via numerous drills. 4. Re-set the whole concept of basic 1. Orally correct and explain 2. Set a repetition practice cycle to Teachers use paper exam to force students to get used to evaluate students so teachers certain language code without use pen to correct and answer. In Direct Method, teachers usually ask student to speak English in the rammer structure once again. Logical class so they can directly orally speaking, students who have correct errors misunderstood the certain grammar 2. The direct method doesn’t usually don’t understand those basic have to reset students former grammar patterns as well. ) understanding of target language when errors come due to there is little logical connection between each learning process. As for grammar translation, it has got to reset students earlier concept of learning, for connection in each learning process is bounded profoundly.

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