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I agree with this Historical Context because it means that Events occurs in community that led to major events where people get killed, for example Holocaust in Germany and eventually all over Europe. China was also affect by everything that Europe did to them and also Korean War, we are still fight but we are not using violence to kill each other. And it’s saying that event doesn’t occurs just being isolated. The World War I began as Austria and Hungary and the Ottoman Empire considered as “crumbling empires” because multinational nation unify and divide countries due to nationalism and this lead to Europe imperialistic the

Ottoman Empire, this was called Balkan Powder Keg newly independent nations struggle over national boundaries and Russian Pan-Slavish and demands of Serbia. By 191 2, nationalism began to tear apart the Status- Hungarian and Ottoman Empires. As states in the Balkans Continued to rebel and win their independence for these two empires, they also fought among themselves over the spoils of the wars. These Bloody and fierce wars, along with the fact that Serbia, a Slavic state under Status-Hungarian rule, dreamed of having an independent state ruled by their own people, led to the Europeans considering the Balkan region the “powder keg of Europe.

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In 1914, the nephew of Francis Joseph and heir to the Austrian throne, Archduke of Francis Joseph and heir to the Austrian throne, Archduke Francis Ferdinand, announced a visit to Sarajevo, Bosnia a nation ruled by Austria- Hungary but home to many Seers and other Slavs and Austria-Hungary, the news of this visit angered Serbian nationalist who viewed Austria-Hungary as foreign oppressors, rather than as their rightful rulers. As a result, a Serbian nationalist group, the Black Hand, vowed to take action against Austria- Hungary. Their plan: to assassinate Archduke Francis Ferdinand.

Though not irking exactly as planned, Francis Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated by Gabriel Principia of the Black Hand, and action that served as the spark that ignited the powder keg. Though shocked and disgusted at the news of the assassination of his nephew, Francis Joseph was reluctant to start a war in the region. However, the rest of the government saw this event as opportunity to crush Serbia and reassert their power in the region. Moreover, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany was horrified by the assassination his allays heir. In response, he wrote to Francis Joseph urging him to take a firm stand against Serbia and demand retribution.

To further entice an Status-Hungarian response, Kaiser Wilhelm II offered the Emperor a “blank check” to military spending, or a promise of unconditional support no matter what cost. With this sort of protection Austria-Hungary felt comfortable taking action against Serbia and offered an ultimatum: end all anti-Austrian agitation and punish any Serbian official that was involved in the murder plot. Moreover, to ensure that this occurred, Austrian official would have to be involved in the investigation. Though agreeing to many of the demands, the Serbians refused to accept them all. As a result, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia in 1914.

At this point, the numerous secret alliances that had been forged in the years prior to this event played a major role. Almost immediately after Austria-Hungary declared war, Russia, the self-proclaimed protector of the Slavs, declared war on Austria-Hungary. Czar Nicholas II of Russia then pled with Kaiser Wilhelm II to convince Austria to lessen their demands on Serbia in hopes of avoiding war. When this plea failed the Russians embroiled their troops. In response, the Germans declared war on Russia. France, ally of Russia, now saw an opportunity to avenge their losses in the Franco-Prussian War, and subsequently declared war on Germany.

In response, Germany began their attack on the French, Marching through Belgium to arrive at their point of attack. Though previously undecided on the war, British promise to Belgium to protect them in the event of war forced their hand, and they now declared war on Germany. At this point, it became a war between Germany and Austria-Hungary vs.. Britain, France, Russia, and Serbia. Then Total war Starts, Total War is Governments take a stronger role in all aspects of life and channeling of all of the nation resources in the war effort (both cultural and economic). Total war impact a nation Economically by Trade for war and

Blockades stopping Naval Trade, increase in Taxes for War, Food Rationing and Government Sets prices. Total war affect the nations socially and politically by propaganda Wars. If anyone talked about they would put on trails. Finally The United State enters in the war and stops the war because they were strongest army. Then United State set up Treaty of Versailles for all the nation come together and talks about their problem and avoids another war in future but United State wasn’t involve in it, So nation come together and talk about their problem and blame Germany for starting the War and Germany should pay for the War.

Treaty of Versailles led to World Great Depression or people Starving, no home for the people and some of people getting killing and injured, no hospitals for people and Government increasing Taxes. Italy, who initially fighting alongside Germany and Austria-Hungary, later changed sides to the Allies, as they were Promised Land in exchange for their services. However, the Treaty of Versailles, 1 919, failed to meet these demands, leaving Italy feeling upset and betrayed.

Additionally, the ongoing Russian Revolution inspired revolts with Italy, as peasants began to seize land, and workers went on strikes. A midst the issues facing Italy, Mussolini saw an opportunity to rise to power. The Italians were not only struggling through the worldwide depression, but grew tired of uncertainty and chaotic environment caused by World War I and the Treaty of Versailles. With promises of creating on orderly, efficient society, as well as a pledge to revive Italian greatness by one again making the Mediterranean Sea into a “Roman Lake,” Mussolini quickly gained favor with the public.

The first step taken by Mussolini was to organize his supporters in combat squads who he dubbed the “Black Shirts” a name intended to remind the Italians of the greatness achieved due to Garibaldi nationalist fighters, the “Red Shirts. ” With these armed and inspired militants, Mussolini began to break up socialist rallies, as well as ousted elected officials through the use of terror and intimidation. The ease and success of Mussolini in gaining power instilled fear in Italy s leader, Victor Emmanuel Ill. Rather than plunge into a civil war, Emmanuel asked for Mussolini to formulate a new government and take the position of Prime Minster.

Mussolini had now successfully earned a position of power within the Italian government. From here, Mussolini, Nicknamed “II Duce,” or the deader,” continued to consolidate power by suppressing rival parties, muzzling the press, rigging elections, and replacing other elected officials with fascist supporters. He bombarded the Italians with slogans such a “Believe! Obey! Fight! “, calling for men to fight for the glory of Italy, while women fought the battle of motherhood (those that produced more than 14 children received a medal from Mussolini himself).

He established youth organizations where children were not only taught to obey strict military discipline, but learned of the glories of Ancient Rome. It was common for these children to be seen arching parades, chanting “Mussolini is always right’ with these changes, Mussolini placed the economy under state control, forbidding workers to strike and keeping wages low. However, his use of inspiring slogans and methods of instilling fear in the people led to a rise on production, despite the hardships, as loyalty to the state replaced the conflicting individual goals.

To ensure that loyalty to the state remained the centralized goal, II Duce used a secret police that forced critics into exile, prison, or were murdered. In this time period. Germany was impacted by the Treaty of Versailles by loss of oratories, war reparation, war guilt clause, and no military or navy, and Depression by the war. This led to rise of Adolph Hitler. Hitler was strong leader in Germany. Hitler urged that the recipe for the revival of Germany world be to reunite into one great nation, expanding their living space, or lebensraum, throughout Europe.

This, he thought, required the displacement of Slavs and other minorities who currently occupied the region. Naturally, he felt that the Germans were entitled to this space, since they were of the superior Aryan race. Hitler began by exclaiming that the Jews were scapegoat or World War l, meaning that they were responsible for the defeats and hardships that Germany faced. He created Jobs, but to defy the unfair Treaty of Versailles by ending reparation payment and rearming Germany-promises that made every German Happy.

Germany named Hitler Chancellor of Germany. However, as Hitler continued to gain power, the German government was rendered useless. Within a year Hitler became the Dictator of Germany, and was free to institute whatever changes he desired. He change social life of people Asserts that Jews are the reason for the problems caused by World War l. Emerging Laws, 1935, Deprived Jews of German thespians, no intermarriage of Jews and non-Jews, Jews no longer citizens, cannot attend schools, hold government jobs, practice law, or medicine.

Glorification of Germany by popularizing myths, history Calls for the ‘Third Reich” to dominate Europe for the next 1 000 years. Launched public works projects, putting thousands of people to work producing highways and houses. Hitless Youth-??education program for children where kids were taught to pledge absolute loyalty to Germany, placed on Physical fitness regimen in preparation for war, given Nazi propaganda. Denounced modern art, saying it was corrupted by Jewish and African influences. Denounced religion, replacing it with his own racial ideas of the superiority of Aryans.

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