Cold War And Communism Assignment

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August 20, 2014 think living under the threat of nuclear war had to have been quite a scary time for children being told to always be on the lookout for a nuclear blast. I honestly don’t think the threat was a real as the authorities made it out to be, but I guess it was good to prepare the public for an attack. I can’t see how just “ducking and covering’ would do much in the way of not being harmed when it came to a nuclear explosion.

I think that was more to ease the minds of the people, rather than actually protect them. Back then, most of the general public didn’t know the truth about atomic bombs. They didn’t have access to information like we have it nowadays, so if they were told to duck and cover, that is what they did to try and protect themselves. Living in today’s world with the threat of terrorism is comparable to the threat of a nuclear attack.

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I rarely ever think about terrorism. I think it is more of a made up scheme the government uses to go spread democracy and get more sources of oil. I do see that there are terrorist attacks throughout the world, and even in our own entry, but I find it more appalling when a government goes into a country and tries to spread democracy. Think of that as a worse form of terrorism because people don’t think of it as that.

After 9/1 1 , when they gave us the “terror alert meter”, it never even made me think twice. It really doesn’t matter what a threat level is. If something is going to happen, it will happen. If there was a threat, or any major attack, am not even sure how quickly I would learn about it since I rarely ever watch TV anymore. Seriously, would probably find out through social media.

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