Civil War In Somalia Assignment

Civil War In Somalia Assignment Words: 441

The UN believes that if Somalia doesn’t get help fast then many children will die as a result of starvation. The UN sent 500 roofs to help keep Somali people safe. Somali people believe that international intervention would complicate the situation Somalia is in. Also, within days of the Prime Minister leaving the I-JNI backed out and left Somalia. At least ten people die due to starvation everyday and an estimate Of at least 5,000 Somali people die everyday.

According to the video, most Somali people have a week left to live because Somalia only has a limited amount of their food left. Harming of the environment was going on during the civil war in Somalia. The harming was air pollution, pollution in general and hazardous sate being dumped in Somalia. All of the hazardous waste gets dumped into poor African countries by the developed countries and these African countries get paid to accept the dumping of hazardous waste.

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Also, I believe that the United Nations should’ve stepped in earlier and also some of the international community should’ve helped out Somalia through this difficult time. I think that the conditions these people lived in must have been very difficult and unbearable. Additionally, it must have been difficult walking around and seeing dead bodies everywhere and I think it’s sad that all of hose people didn’t get the proper burial that they deserved. Currently in Somalia, there is still terror going on and still the international community will not help Somalia through these though times.

Currently the United States has stopped sending money to Somalia and that has had a huge impact on the Somali people because families in the united States aren’t allowed to send money to their friends and families who are in need for money in Somalia. Also currently, there are bombings and shooting happening in Somalia. Additionally, the Somali Prime Minister named his cabinet just recently. Due o the recent bombings and shooting, Somali people are still harming and destroying the environment but polluting the air the people breathe.

This also kills people and as a result of the limited space for burial sites, the dead bodies are just left to root in the streets, making it difficult to breathe due to the horrific smell. In conclusion, the events that have happened and are happening in Somalia have destroyed the environment that the Somali people are living in and has polluted the air that they breathe so Somalia should improve the condition these people live with by trying to get help from another coo entry.

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