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There were many events that led up t o this war, creating a lot of tension between people who were pro slavery and people who o were against it. The most significant causes Of the American Civil War were Popular sovereign gnat, because it created conflict between antislavery and proposal supporters, Bleeding Kansas s, because it created physical violence over slavery, and the Dried Scott Case because slave were considered property not people.

Popular sovereignty was one of the most important factors that led to the Civic I War because, the new way of voting for the freedom of each state resulted in a lot of tension. Popular sovereignty was a new way Of deciding whether a State would be free or slave, based on the people’s vote. This new concept came about in the 1 ass’s and was pop lardier by Stephen Douglas. Because of this new rule, instead of there being a line decide ins if the state was free or slave, people received that advantage of getting to vote. This was an important hanged in the U. S. Cause it changed the way that states were declared free or slave. This created conflict between proposal and antislavery supporters. Some aspects the y may have angered people, is that it was very easy to come in from another state and pr tend like that person was from there, just to get another vote on your side in. This would ca use conflict that would be a major aspect in the start of the civil war. Bleeding Kansas was one of the most significant causes of the Civil War, became use Kansas became a battleground for a fight between proposal and antislavery sup orders.

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This was a fight that occurred in the Kansas territory in 1858. The battle was Bette en free toilers, who were wealthy northerners against slavery, and the border ruffians, who were proposal supporters from Missouri. This was a significant start to the war because it WA s the beginning of physical fighting between the people who were for slavery and the people who were against slavery. This conflict did not solve any already existing issues and led t o Kansas having two constitutions.

This was not good because of the two constitutions half of the people were still for slavery and half against, so this did not solve any problem ms, and would most likely have led to more conflict. The Dried Scott case was also one of the most significant factors that led to the American Civil War because blacks were unhappy that they were considered e enslaved property instead of free citizens. The Dried Scott Case occurred, because a slab eve moved to a free state after his owner died, and he wanted to sue for his freedom. When h is case finally arrived in Supreme Court eleven years later, it was not even considered.

Became use he moved o foresail did not mean that he was free. Also this led to the fact that since he was black he was not a citizen so his case was void. The U. S. Government cannot deny prop retry rights, so this led to the Missouri compromise being unconstitutional. This was a signifies ant part that led to the war, because blacks and antislavery supporters were unhappy. They were e not happy that when the blacks move to foresail they were still slaves and they were not citizens either, they were property. This would have brought up tension between antislavery us porters and slave supporters.

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