Causes and Outcomes of Revolutionary War Assignment

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This is what led them to the American Revolution. Sugar Act The sugar act was passed in 1764. The Sugar act was when the British placed a tax on wine, sugar. This was done because the Britain needed more money to help them with the security for the colonists. The idea was to force the many colon sits to sell the goods to Britain instead of other countries. The Sugar act made colonists very angry. This lead to a lot of protesters against the sugar act, lots of violence against the British and eventually lead to the American Revolution.

Stamp Act The Stamp Act was passed by the British in 1765. The Stamp Act was a tax that was placed on printed paper such as; licenses, newspapers, and anything hat was printed. The purpose of this tax would be to help pay for the protection of the American frontier. The Stamp Act concerned the colonists, about the intent of the British parliament and lead them to the American Revolution. Townsend Acts The Townsend Acts was a series of laws in 1 767 which placed taxes on lead, paints, glass, tea and paper.

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These laws upset the many colonists and raised many concerns Of the colonists. The Townsend Acts passed in 1 767 made colonists angry, caused lots of violence between the colonists. This eventually after time lead them to the American Revolution. Tea Act The Tea Act was a tax that was passed o the American colony on tea that was brought in the port including the Boston Harbor. Colonists were mad about not being consulted first before they were taxed on the tea brought over.

This caused animosity between the colonists and lead us to the revolutionary war. Intolerable Acts This was a series of laws passed by the British. Impartial Administration of Justice Act which allowed the governor of the colony to move a trial to another colony if they did not feel that the colony they were in would judge the case fairly. Massacre guests Bay Regulating Act all of the law officers may eave to meet with the governor, and everyone had to have approval by the governor to have town meetings.

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