Britain and Revolutionary war Assignment

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Britain had control over the colonists which can’t they weren’t free men and couldn’t make their own government like the Declaration of Independence stated that they could. The colonists that wrote the Declaration of Independence were Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Roger , Sam Adams and Robert E. And with what they wrote they were trying to convince other people that how Britain was treating them wasn’t justified and that they were Just like the people in Britain and they weren’t less human than them so they had the right to be free Just like Britain.

The Declaration of independence was in the point of view of the colonists but it was still Justified because It’s true that all men are created equal and that the colonists aren’t any less than the British so the colonists had all the rights to declare their independence. The colonists fought alongside Britain in the French and Indian war, which they didn’t even start, and when they won the war Britain decided to take advantage of the colonists. One way Britain took advantage of the colonists was that they taxed them. Britain put a stamp act, which stated that any legal document had to have a stamp that had to be bought.

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But that wasn’t the worst part because Britain also taxed them for tea. Tea was like a necessity for the colonists. Colonists drank tea dally but now they were being taxed for it. The colonists were also in charge of supplying for the British army that was in America. The colonists didn’t need all those soldiers in America but Britain Just wanted to make profit off them. Britain was just taken advantage of the colonist by Just taxing them to pay off Britain’s war debt, taxing the colonists for their necessities Like tea, sugar, coffee, and wine, plus they had to supply Britain’s soldiers.

Britain also took away the privilege for the colonists to move Into he new land that they Just fought hard for. The colonists weren’t able to migrate Into land that they just won because Britain had control over them and didn’t want them to so basically Britain took advantage of the colonists because they helped them in the war but at the end the colonists were paying for the war and couldn’t get something that was theirs which was the new land they had Just conquered.

Since the colonists were taken advantage of by Britain by being taxed without representation and having things taken away from them It was completely Justified for the colonists to declare their independence. Britain also put an act called the sugar act, which taxed the colonists for things like sugar and molasses. This upset the colonists because they were just being taxed on more necessities and most people couldn’t afford it anymore so they were Just other necessities taken away from them. The British were Just doing it to pay off their war debt.

The colonists complained about the sugar act and being taxed but Britain did not listen to them so and placed more acts against the colonists. The sugar act also affected merchants and shippers because they were being taxed on their product that they were making money off so they would eventually end up losing money. The colonists were angry that the British weren’t listening to them and being unjust by taxing them without representation so they had the right to claim their independence. There was a news article that said that the colonists were over reacting to the taxes.

They said that they were lucky they weren’t being taxed on other things like beer but even so what the colonists were being taxed on were necessities to them. The colonists drank tea almost every day and sugar was a major thing for the colonists because they all used it. The article on the newspaper written by someone from England also said that the taxes did not affect the poor only the rich because the poor didn’t buy newspaper so the stamp act did not affect them and that stamps aren’t a necessity of life.

But poor people still needed other things that they were being taxed on. So Britain taxing the colonists was Just unfair and gave the colonists more reasons to rebel. The colonists originally did not want to break from Britain and loyalty to the king. They tried to propose their concerns and ideas for resolve peacefully to Britain but they would not even listen to their proposal. Instead they continued to worsen the colonist’s anger towards Britain until it drove them to revolt.

In 1775 the colonists finally declared themselves to be in a state of rebellion. They had had enough years of unfair and poor treatment. The government as corrupt and they had the right to abolish it and create a new one like the Declaration of independence stated they could but Britain did not let them. The colonists had many reasons why they were morally Justified in declaring Independence, and without their bravery and determination for liberty we would not live in this wonderful country the United States of America today.

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