Can the Holocaust Happen Again? Assignment

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The Holocaust was arguably one of the most horrific events in the history of our race. The fact that a human being was capable of such terrible things is Just incredibly hard to believe. The mall reason we do learn about the Holocaust is to keep It from happening again. But It’s hard not to wonder whether simply knowing of the event can really stop somebody from doing something Like this a second time around In a country as developed and opportunistic as the united States. Our country Is a melting pot of people of many different races, sexualities, and ethnicities.

Though this is true, there are prejudices in this country as there are in any other. On September 1 lath, 2001 an inexplicably tragic incident happened, a series of terrorist attacks were carried out in the New York City and Washington D. C. Areas. An Islamic terrorist group carried out the catastrophe that took the lives of almost 3,000 American lives. Obviously this was no small calamity and effected many lives. But, many people were not directly affected by the attacks. Many Muslim- Americans were he victims of atrocious hate crimes following 9/1 1 .

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In a window of 6 days after the dreadful event there were 645 bias incidents against Muslims or South Asians mistaken to be Muslim. These were obviously not Justified, Innocent Muslim- Americans were no more responsible for the attacks than the grocer down the street. The hate crimes did not halt after 6 days though, or even a year after the event, Muslims are being blamed by ignorant people for this even today. Only recently an Indian man mistaken for being Muslim was pushed in front off train.

Tragedies like this are continuing to go on and there aren’t any signs of it stopping. The most infuriating part of these occurrences is that they happen under the radar without much media coverage. Sometimes it appears as if Americans value some lives over others. This is extremely disturbing and the lack of sympathy for the victims of these crimes is appalling. A select number of people act like these crimes are Justified, as if the misdeeds of a few members off race are accountable for the whole.

It Is not as extreme as the hatred for the Jewish people was In the time of Hitler but the racism and Ignorance Is definitely evident. Blaming all Muslims for the action off few could very well be a parallel to how the Mans held the Jews responsible for the loss of WWW. Prejudice against them would have to inflate quite a bit for something as severe as the Holocaust to occur, but it is possible. The government aspect of Nazi Germany is extremely important when speculating whether something like Holocaust has a possibility of occurring.

Hitter’s dictatorship played a big role in the mass killings, obviously. As a dictator Hitler could carry out any act he wanted without being questioned by higher authority. America’s government can’t allow the president to make decisions without approval of the Senate and House. Also, something as inhumane as a mass killing would be inhumane and would defy the constitution. It Is a stretch to say that it Is likely that another Holocaust could happen with the government America has set up.

But If a ajar catastrophe did happen In the future that changed our government drastically it’s hard to say what could be possible. It never seems likely to happen until it does. off democratic government, so who’s to say it could never happen in America. Overall the probability that an event like the Holocaust could happen in a country like America is very low. The immense tragedy that was the Holocaust is not something that the human race can forget. Hopefully we’ve grown since that era, hopefully humans in the future don’t have to suffer like the victims of the Nazis did.

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