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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Is himself writing about his accomplishments. He grew up In an average home with a family that consisted of twelve children. HIS family was not poor, but his father worked hard to keep them afloat. Franklin was one of the children that were put into getting an education and over the years he acquired degrees from colleges he did not attend. He first worked for a newspaper printer, and after a short period he became the owner of one and was printing money and short articles.

This man was not a drinker, unlike his friend who drank all the time and Franklin was very religious but did not attend church. Franklins brother became ill, although Franklin had children he took his brothers son and made him his own because his brother was dying and that was what he asked Franklin to do. Franklin was a heavy reader, and he formed a group of men who would gather and read. They often swapped books and which eventually led to the idea of a library.

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Franklin assumed a political position and claimed he would never ask for votes or election. He said that If someone asked him to partake In something he would not say no but he would not ask to Join something. He wrote papers for the government, and traveled back and forth to meet with the king. Franklin found a way to make electricity and sent his documents and findings around for further study. This man was well known from many people as he traveled around through the army to supply goods and get paid for it.

He became wealthy over his time. In comparing the America Promise to the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin the first observation I had noticed that were both common was that they both mentioned he published the Pennsylvania Gazette and Poor Richards Almanac but in his book it says he published under someone name(Franklin 75). These were well known issues and he sold a lot of them over a thousand, and they were also very well known (AS 125). Both books also talk about how he had opened a shop that sold a little of everything.

I believe that this was In both books because It was an accomplishment for Franklin, and also it was a way for his wisdom and ideas to be shared with the public. The second observation I noticed was that both books talk about his partake in Philadelphia. Being a colonial thinker, he would get together with other known thinkers to discuss ideas on how to improve society, and understand nature (P 134). Franklin became a legislator (Franklin 95) for over ten years and his son became a clerk. He never asked for votes but always obtained a seat in the house. The third observation that both texts talk about is the Albany plan.

The text book disrobes this plan as a unified colonial government limited to war and defense policies but the effect of this plan was rejected ( P 148), but In Franklins book It does not really get Into details, just states that he wrote a plan. Although this plan failed, It did activate a couple to deal with the Indians to negotiate trade and keep peace. Theory, when he went to Boston and met with the king who after a few drinks would give him a dozen cannons to protect his area, the text book does not talk about his education and library system.

Also, his wife is only mentioned once or twice in the text book, she had taken over his store and ran it while Franklin was out traveling from place to place. Franklin was mostly a vegetarian, only eating fish as meat. He would eat mostly vegetables and fruit. Franklin had to work various Jobs in order to provide for his wife because the printing press did not produce enough money for him (Franklin 52). Franklin was a town watchman and proceeded as a fireman. This information was not in the text book because I believe it was not really much important to what he had accomplished.

After reading Benjamin Franklins Autobiography and also reading what the text book had to say about him I noticed that in the Autobiography he only tells his story about what good has come out of his life. Also, I noticed that this story of his life did not continue to his death. The book did not talk about him dying. I was a little confused reading this not knowing much about history, but I acquired more knowledge about this man than I knew. To me, the book was a little boring to read and it really didn’t excite me. His book only described the good things he has accomplished in his time.

When it comes to the text book it explains the bad things or land that didn’t pass laws. It was interesting to read how his religion played a big part of his life, how he would try to have a chart to mark what he could do to make him better (Franklin 66). It was very interesting to see and visualize his daily routine as described on page 68 in his book. Franklin tried to better himself by living by thirteen words that would better his soul. He did not attempt them all at once, but would take one at a time until the goal was met (Franklin 64-65). Overall, this was a good reading being someone who only reads what is needed.

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