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Baroque Architecture Works of famous architects and sculptors What is Baroque Architecture? A Style originating in late 16th Century Italy Consists of complex Architectural plan shapes, often based on the oval. Dynamic opposition and inter penetration of spaces were favored to highlighted the feeling of motion and sensuality. Other characteristic qualities include:- Grandeur – Drama and Contrast – Courageousness – Twisting elements – Gilded statuary He was the son of a stonemason and began his career as a stonemason himself. He soon went dominant study and practice his craft.

He moved torment 1619 and started working for Carlo Modern, Bromine’s real name was Francesco Castillo. Once he had become established in Rome, he changed his name from Castles’ to Bromine, He worked within Lorenz Bernardino the design of the fundamentalist’s. Peter Basilica , the two later became bitter rivals. Francesco Borrowings the master of curved-wall architecture. He was influenced by the architecture of Michelangelo and the ruins of Antiquity. His architecture employs manipulations of Classical architectural forms, geometrical sensational with symbolic meanings behind his buildings. Ђ Classical architectural forms, geometrical rationales in his plans and symbolic meanings in his buildings. Famous works of Bromine Architecture San Cairo alley Squatter Fontanne Sandal’s all Seaplane, 1660 Colleges did Propaganda Fide Santiago SE in Agony The Sandal’s all Oratory Sapience and Palazzo die Filipino Assonant area dell Fretter Barbering San Carlo alley Equator Fontanne Falconer Spade San Giovanni in Lateran San Cairo alley Squatter Fontanne Bromine’s first independent commission This tiny church, along with its Rudyard, is one of the most important monuments of the baroque style in Rome.

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