The Ancient Rome Architecture Assignment

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The Ancient Rome Architecture is famous for many of its achievements. One of its historical sites that struck me the most is Forum Romanum, not only because of the grandiosity of its temples and buildings but also because of its architectural background. The development of Rome architecture was highly influenced by the Etruscans and the Greeks.

From the Etruscans and early tribes the Romans found most of their basic architectural and engineering skills, which influenced the development of Roman aqueducts, especially Cloaca Maxima and from the Greeks some of components of Roman architecture were adapted. Having visited the Forum Romanum makes me think more about the importance of the site to the Romans and how it became the center and landmark of Rome. It’s really unfortunate that Forum Romanum we see today is not quite as elegant as it was back then.

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One thing from the Forum Romanum that intrigues me the most is the intactness of Curia Julia and Temple of Romulus, especially Curia Julia. Both of these structures were kept being used as churches and that’s why they remain intact until now. However, I wonder how the Romans decided to change a place where the senate used to work to a church while there were many other structures that could have been turned to churches as well.

Another fascinating thing about Rome nowadays is how the government still appreciates and somehow implements remains of the ancient Roman buildings to the newly built environment such as the columns of the temple which are now attached to the outer wall of the church Carcere. I think this kind of preservation is really efficient because it makes the site still usable without having to remove the ancient remains. The existence of these remains also plays a big role in the current urban planning of Rome as it is today.

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