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Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire: 151 9 Here;n Courts led a Spanish expedition and landed at Vernacular. He marc heed to Ethnocentric;n. As he went he made alliances with the city states that were tired of the oppressive Aztec rule. Courts arrived and received a friendly welcome from the Aztec, because he ruler Mastectomy believed that the visitors were representatives of a god (Quadruplicate, a god who had departed from his homeland centuries before and had promised that he would return Riddled with fears, Mastectomy offered gifts of gold to the foreigners and gave them a palace to use while they were in the city.

The spa nards took advantage of this and took Mastectomy hostage and proceeded to pillage the city. 1520 the local population revolted and drove the invaders from the city. Many Of the Spaniards were killed, but the Aztec soon experienced new disasters. Aztec q tote ” at about the same time that the Spaniards had fled from Mexico, there came a great sickness, a pestilence, the small pox. With no immunity to the diseases , many Aztec fell sick and died. Meanwhile, Courts received fresh soldiers from new allies, Dialectal who provided 50,000 warriors. After 4 months, the city capitulated.

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When Courts and his poss. entered the city, they beheld an appall Eng scene, as reported by Vernal Ditz: We could not walk without treading on the bodies and heads of dead Indians. Have read about the destruction of Jerusalem, UT I do not think the mortality was greater there than here in Mexico, where most of the warriors who had crowded in from all the provinces and subjects towns had died. As I have said, the dry land an d the stockades were piled with corpses. Indeed, the stench was so bad that no one could endure it. Even Courts was ill fro m the odors which assailed his nostrils.

The Spaniards then embarked on a new wave of destruction. The pyramids, et males, and palaces were leveled, and the stones were used to build Spanish government buildings and churches. River and canals w ere filled in. The Aztec empire on the mainland was no more. Between 1 520 and 1 550, Spanish gained control of northern Mexico. RELIGION: Ancient Aztec religion was a complex interaction of gods, dates, directions an d colors. It seems that most of the preoccupation in the religion had to do with fear of the nature, and a fear of the end of the world.

By the time the Mexicans Empire (Mexican is the proper name for the States) w as at its height, the political and religions systems were in close interaction. The actions of the ruling classes and common people can be best understood if we look way back to the Mexican understanding of the creation, or rather creations, of the world. Because the r elision was a mixture from various peoples, there are variations. We’ll give a general overview here. According to ancient Aztec religion, it took the gods 5 tries to create the world.

These attempts were foiled because of infighting among the gods themselves. After he was knocked from his exalted position by rivals, the first creator, Educational, turned into a jaguar and destroyed the world. Under similar circumstances, the world was created and then destroyed with wind, and then two floods. Each time a creator would take a turn being the sun. (Read more about the e various Aztec sun gods here) Finally the gods had a council, and decided one of them would have to sacrifice himself to be the n??e w sun.

Natural, a lowly, humble god became the sun, but there was a problem he wasn’t moving. The gods realized that they all m just sacrifice themselves so that humans could live. The god Cattle sacrificed the others, and a mighty wind arose to move the sun at last. This was no free sacrifice, however. Not only would the people have to help t his weak sun to keep moving, they would also be expansible to repay the sacrifice. The world remained in a precarious position n! Once the sun was dealt with, the world had to be recreated.

Quadruplicate (me nagging feathered serpent) was the one who would create humans. Of course, people had been created several times before, so Quetzal Octal descended into the underworld to retrieve their bones. He tripped as he fled, and the bones shattered into different sized pie Cesar which is why people are all different sizes. By adding his own blood to the mix, people came to life. For another variation and more detail, see the Aztec creation story here. Aztec Creation Story How did the world begin?

The Aztec creation story has its own answer or you u could say, answers, to that question. The five suns were the key to the rebirths of the world. The story of creation in ancient Mexico and surrounding areas actually change De as time went by. It was likely adapted by the Aztec for their own political purposes, though even within the Aztec empire there w ere variations of the story. But basic components of the story had evolved over centuries and centuries, so we do see similarities bet en the State’s stories and the beliefs of earlier cultures. Rebirth

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