Ancient China and Ancient Egypt: Compare and contrast Assignment

Ancient China and Ancient Egypt: Compare and contrast Assignment Words: 376

Like Ancient Egypt, Ancient China was also built in river valleys, who ICC flew through their civilizations. Ancient Egypt had the Nile River and Ancient China consisted of the Yanking, Indus, and Ganges Rivers, which fed these civilizations their agric ultra needs. Another correspondence, which the two civilizations hold, is incredible architect cutter. These two civilizations made incredible structures, Ancient China, made the longest struck true ever built, The Great Wall of China while Ancient Egypt, made gigantic pyramids and AMA Zing aerographical.

A practical system of medicine was another thing these two civic locations had in common. These system of medicines were both effective and it never failed t hem. Ancient China and Ancient Egypt were one of the smartest ancient civilizations of their time. They both had an outstanding system of mathematics and writing. Another thing w as that the religion of these ancient civilizations were both based on polytheism, or the b life in multiple gods. Ancient China and Ancient Egypt both are also very different because of their funeral customs.

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In Ancient Egyptian society, they buried bodies with preservation, be cause the believed that the dead would use their bodies in the afterlife. But instead the Ancient Chinese civilization would bury the bodies in the ground, in water, put in a hanging co fin or cremated. The ancient civilizations of China and Egypt both had different fighting techno sues. The Ancient Chinese fighting styles included Gung If and Tat Chi. The Ancient Egg patinas however, practiced tibia, a form of stick fighting. Ancient China and Ancient Egypt both differentiate from each other because f their religion.

Although their religion were both based on polytheism, they were did efferent because the religion of Ancient Egypt was centered around the divinity of the ruler and the eternity Of the soul. Ancient China on the other hand, taught morality, and had beliefs the at were sometimes blended with other religions such as Buddhism, Taoism, or Confuse manias. Another unlikeness between these two ancient civilizations was their form of money. A ancient Egyptians used a system called metal weights. This system of value was based on the eights of metals, especially silver and copper.

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