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Residence alone, Injustice to all, should be requires. This Is the only rule that can be established until your land titles are adjudicated. And your vacant land, brought onto the market. Then In your constitution you can adopt such qualifications as you may think proper for the happiness, security, and prosperity of the state. Until then all freemen of six months residence should be entitled too Document D Source: Robert V. Remind, Andrew Jackson and The Course of American Empire, Volvo Ill, Copyright (c) 1984. Reprinted by permission from Harper Collins Publishers, Inc.

T)he General’s views on office holding became even more democratic as he grew older. He proceeded from the (idea) that all offices – whether appointed or elected – must ultimately fall under the absolute control of the people. Appointed offices should be rotated, preferably every four years. Elected offices must be filled directly by the people. In keeping with this principle, Jackson tried to abolish the College of Electors in the selection of the chief executive by proposing a constitutional amendment. In addition, he said, the President should serve a single term of no more Han four or sierras….

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Moreover, he believed that United States senators should be directly elected by the people. Also, their term should be limited to four years and they should be subject to removal Document N Source: H. Eaton, A Treatise on the Intellectual Character and Call and Political Condition of the Colored People of the united States, 1837. Jackson’s Call “To the Free Colored Inhabitants of Louisiana” before the Battle of New Orleans, September 21,1814 Through a mistaken policy you have heretofore been deprived of a articulation In the glorious struggle for national rights, In which our country Is engaged.

This shall no longer exist…. To every unobtainable free man of color, volunteering to serve to the present contest with Great Britain and no longer, there will be paid the same bounty in money and lands now received by the white soldiers of the United States, biz. $1 24 in money, and 160 acres of land. The non-commits sinned officers and privates will also be entitled to the same monthly pay and daily rattans Ana clothes Turnstone to any American serener. Enrolling yourselves In companies, the major general com madding will select officers for your government, from your fellow white citizens. Your non-commissioned officers will be appointed from among yourselves. Due regard will be paid to the feelings of freemen and soldiers. You will not, by being associated with white men in the same corps, be exposed to improper comparisons or unjust sarcasm. As a distinct, indeed dent battalion or regiment, pursuing the path of glory, you will, undivided, receive the applause and gratitude of your countrymen.

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