Andrew Jackson Assignment

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Jackson should no longer be or have ever been on the twenty dollar bill for his actions and decisions as a president. These actions and decisions were; violently moving Native American’s out of America, taking high ranking officials out of office to substitute untrained professionals In those positions, and for demonstrating the major different thoughts between the north and the south through sectionalism. Therefore, I believe that Andrew Jackson shall no longer be allowed to be on currency.

His decision of forcing Native Americans out of America had been castes as grateful at that time although this was a very Inhumane act that had been played out numerous times In history. On one account he had disregarded the Supreme Court’s ruling and the Cherokee nation’s right to be there to remove them anyway. On another account called the First Seminole War, we had purchased Florida from Spain and in return, gave them the rights to what is now Texas. As history will tell Native Americans have been removed and told to travel to a non- fertile ground many times.

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Another reason I have been lead to believe this is due to his decisions to substitute untrained professionals into positions that hold those who have performed the task well. He formed a group known as the Kitchen Cabinet and a system called the Spoils System. The Kitchen Cabinet was a group of Jackson’s nearest friends in which to give advice in hardship. Being untrained they could easily sway Jackson into an agreement that could have a catastrophic result for the country. (The name comes from how this group entered the White House which was through he kitchen. His acquaintances were not trained and probably not involved in the local or federal government. The Spoils System had a similar result. He had allowed untrained professionals into high ranking positions by letting go the trained and experienced. These knowledgeable position holders could also make a decision that Is not best for the country and that too could end badly. Jackson had also demonstrated the tension and differences between the North and the South due to their different thoughts and morals.

During the Nullification Crisis/Act, the federal government had enforced a tariff-a tax on Imported goods. The state of South Carolina had declared all tariffs were Illegal. This had meant that they had wanted state law over the federal law. This action of state rights verses those of a federal level had occurred many times In the past and the thought of secession had not been forgotten In the South. The south had wanted to secede and had almost divided the nation. As the tension grew, the differences did as well. As history will tell, Andrew

Jackson and many other presidents have made some good decisions and some bad ones. Many will say Jackson shall be declared a hero for his acts In war and his trials to get land through Native American removal, strengthen the government with some of his friends that might do better in those positions, and shown how the President can bring the nation back together. Although, I oppose of this thought of how Jackson had made good decisions. His way of Native American removal had been extremely for many, that was there first time in a federal office.

And for bringing the nation back together, he had done it though military force. I believe that Andrew Jackson should no longer be or have ever been on the twenty dollar bill for his actions and decisions as a president. He had moved Native Americans violently, took high ranking officials out of office to substitute untrained professionals, and had demonstrated the major differences between the North and the South. Therefore, I believe Andrew Jackson should no longer or ever been on the twenty dollar bill.

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