Analysis of Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein Assignment

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A very well known man during the sass’s. He Is one of the world’s most known and hated leader. Hitler is called mad. His men were cultivated, educated, learned men. Germany wasn’t a backward country, preyed on by ignorance, but one of the most advanced nations in the world. Hitter’s program was one for evil and destruction and yet the majority of the people in Germany accepted it. Time has not dimmed the terms storm troops, gas chambers, death camps , and holocaust.

On the morning of September 15 930, early etalons of newspapers across Germany brought the first reports that Doll Hitter’s National Socialist German Workers Party (NSAP) had scored a stunning electoral triumph. Only Two years earlier, the party had languished in obscurity. The NSAP had become the second largest party in the Whimper Republic. It had less than thirty members, only three of which were active political speakers. The organization would probably have remained this way had It not been for the extraordinary leadership and propagandistic talents of Doll Hitler ho joined the party in 1919.

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Doll Hitler was born in Austria in 1889. When World War I broke out, Hitler enthusiastically enlisted in the German army. His life was going nowhere and the war provided him with something to fill the void. He was looking for an adventure. In the war, he proved a dedicated and brave soldier. He was temporarily blinded by poisonous gas and was shot In the leg. He learned a lot about violence and Its uses. But he was never promoted to a leadership position. He was very nationalistic and anti-Semitic like many other disillusioned soldiers. He was sure his purpose in life was to lead Germany.

His reputation as a fiery and effective speaker continued to attract Increasingly large audiences to his carefully orchestrated and powerful public appearances. HIS voice , his features , his words, the passion he displayed put a spell on his audiences. The meetings he held were always in the afternoons after his audiences had left work. Hitler took advantages of all their weaknesses. Doctors, lawyers, teachers and other members of the upper class, as well as workers began to Join the Nazi party. Hitter’s lowers left the meeting halls after he spoke shouting” Heel Hitler!

Hell Hitler! ” Fired by his words the, they went out Into the streets singing angrily, ” When Jewish blood flows from our knives things will be better! ” Not only did they sing they looked for Jews to beat up. Over six million Jews were killed and over seven million non-Jews were killed in concentration camps or by Hitler and his army. The next dictator I will talk about is Sad Hussein. He’s been the president of Iraq for the past two decades. He has the dubious distinction of being the world’s best now and most hated Arab leader. NY other head of state. A former Iraqi diplomat living in exile summed Sadism’s rule in one sentence: ” Sad is a dictator who is ready to sacrifice his country, Just so long as he can remain on his throne in Baghdad. ” He is portrayed as a valiant knight leading the Arabs into battle against the infidel, or as and eight century caliph who founded the city of Baghdad. He announces the glory of Arab history, Sad claims to be leading his people to new glory. The Iraqi president was born in a village Just outside Tacit in April 1937.

In his teenage years, he immersed himself in the anti-British and anti-Western atmosphere of the day. At college in Baghdad he Joined the Bath party. After the overthrow of the monarchy in 1958, Sad connived in a plot to kill the prime minister, Abide-Karri Same. But the conspiracy was discovered, and Sad fled the country. In 1963, with the Bath party in control in Baghdad, Sad Hussein returned home and began Jostling for a position of influence. During this period he married his cousin Said. They later had two sons and three daughters.

President Sad Hussein might defend his autocratic style of leadership by arguing that nothing else could have kept such a vast and diverse nation united. Some years ago a European interviewer nervously quoted reports that the Baghdad authorities might, on occasions, have tortured and perhaps even killed opponents of the regime. In the months that led up to the war of 1991 , Sad Hussein displayed qualities that still make him both adored and hated in the Arab world. At the same time, Sad is feared as a vicious dictator who threatens the security of the Gulf region as a whole.

He insists that the 1991 Gulf War, which he famously described as the Mother-of- All- Battles, ended in victory for Iraq. By the same token, Sad boasts that Iraq can shrug off any Western military attack. The Iraqi people have no choice but to nod in agreement. So it will go on until the moment comes for bombastic slogans to be replaced by a succinct epitaph to one of the most infamous dictators of the century. For the overwhelming majority of Iraqis, that moment can not come too soon. Works Cited Page Moslem, Ralph. The Volume Library. Deed Georgia L. Brazil, Carolyn M King, Barbara J. Reed. 2003. Pigs. 3-63.

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