American Civil War and Amendment Source Assignment

American Civil War and Amendment Source Assignment Words: 287

It explains the basics about why the 14th Amendment was passed. It also does give many other cool facts that you could find useful. This Includes the fact that the congress had to vote for the amendment to be passed. It also does explain how the 14th Amendment did not completely free slaves. When I say this, I mean that In some places, the 14th Amendment was not active. That means that the slaves In that area, were not free. Evaluation: I did not find the source useful AT ALL. The entire book was Just text, no pictures or anything. This dad It hard to visualize what was happening In the book.

Also, the fact that only a fraction of the book was about the 14th Amendment, did not help on the Informational side. I would not recommend this book to someone that Is Just researching about the 14th Amendment. Source 3: Online weapon http://w. NM. Impermeableness. Gob/]b/recon/]b_recon_reveled_l . HTML, by: Web Guides Summary: This Is a weapon created by Web Guides. They go over everything you need to know about the 14th Amendment. They say that the amendment was ratified on July 9th, 1868 and granted excellently to everyone. The senate voted yes by 33 to 11 votes.

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The House of Representatives voted yes by 120 to 32 votes. Overall, It granted freedom to many African-American slaves. This was for reconstruction purposes for the aftermath of the call war. Evaluation: I found this website page very useful. It had many pictures and links to give you extra facts and Information. It also showed me about what happened after It. I would recommend this weapon/website to everyone.

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