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Vermeer’s paintings? Adolph Hitler and Hermann Goring were dominant, pitiless leaders that were obsessed with art. As Edward Dolling quoted Goring “I love art for art’s sake”. Hitler aspired to be painter, and applied to an art school in Vienna, but was rejected as mentioned in “rape of Europe”. According to rape of Europe, this perturbed Hitler because abstract modernists were accepted over him and generally Hitler hated what was going on in modern art.

The fact that he has been dismissed room Vienna art school in favor of abstract and modern styles grew his hatred more for modern paintings as talked in Barron and rape of Europe. He hated modern art because of Its abstract figures, shapes of the figures and Its undefined lines. Hitler wants art that represented the Aryan nation that Is from Europe descent. In the “forgers spell”, Deadlock adds that Hitler fantasized to build an art museum In his hometown of Line, Austria (51 Baron says Hitler wanted to prove to the world that he as powerful.

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He demonstrated this by filling up his museum with the most valuable paintings in Europe. Rape of Europe raised the issue about the Nazi pillaging of art in Europe. The film tells us that the Nazis formulated the equivalent shopping lists before they occupied a nation. That means they were not just collecting the nation’s paintings but they were informed of what art existed in that territory and had a particular intent to collect them. Hermann Goring was second in command after Hitler.

As Dolling reported, both Hitler and Goring were collecting painting to fill their Line and Caring hall museums. Hitler purged art that he hated and stole art that he coveted Hitler and Goring yearned to possess the most valuable paintings In Europe. As Dolling reported Hitler and Goring were collecting the most valued paintings to fill their Line/Caring Hall museums. One particular painting that they pursued was Hitler and Goring Admired Vermeer. But what Vermeer special among the others?

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