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It revealed Else’s love to the book “The Whistler” and enforced Ruddy feelings towards Lilies. 2. What do you think was significant about the book entitled The Whistler? Is there a common theme which connects the books Lilies has stolen? It was the book which marked the change in her life. It was the book she loved to read In the mayor’s library and Rudy risked his life for the book. Death’s Diary-1942 1 . How did Death characterize the year 1942? Why do you think the author has ‘Death’ narrate this tale using a chatty, somewhat ironic tone? Do you think this detracts from the books serious themes?

Death is overworked in the year 1942, he wants a break. By using a chatty and ironic tone, it makes the serious themes less emotional and more conversational. 2. How does Death describe himself and what does muff want to know what I truly look like? I’ll help you out. Find yourself a mirror” mean? It means that you will not know how he looks like. 3. What are three examples of death in 1942 that Death mentions? “the desperate Jews,” “The Russian soldiers,” and “The soaked bodies of a French coast The Snowman 1 . Why was Christmas Day 1942 a special time for those who resided in Hans Haberdasher’s home?

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It was Christmas Day 1942, and they had nothing but catheter. Thirteen Presents 1. “It didn’t stop her from pulling a lump of salt water from her eyes and feeding it into Max Vandenberg face. She knew. ” What did Lilies know? She knew that Max was unwell and might die Fresh Air, An Old Nightmare, And What To Do With A Jewish Corpse 1. Why did Rosa Hibernate make an unplanned visit to Lisle’s school? To tell Lilies that Max is awake. Death’s Diary: The Parisian 1 . Why did Death say that the sky was “the color of Jews”? How did Death respond to he mass destruction of human lives?

Because Jews are dying, in a mass, they were gassed to death. Death was appalled by the mass destruction of human lives. Part 7 1 . Why didn’t Death feel sympathy for the Germans who hid in their basements during the air raids? Because they still have a chance for survival. The Sky Stealer 1 . Why is it ironic that a book helped the Germans live through the second air raid in Mulching? A book is not an anti bomb shield so it is ironic how a book helped the Germans live through the second air raid. 2. Why didn’t Papa bring his accordion with him? He left it for good luck. 3.

How did Lilies calm the group during the raid? By reading to them. The Long Walk to Dachas 1. Why did Hans suffer feelings of guilt after giving the dying Jewish man a piece of bread? Because the Nazis can now find Max and take him away. He Just put Max in danger. Peace 1 . Why does Max leave? Because the Nazis might come and find him. The Idiot and the Coat Men 1 . Why was Hans Hibernate guilt-ridden? He has given a Jewish man bread. 2. Who have the Coat Men come for? Rudy part 8 Dominoes and Darkness 1 . Why did the “coat men” visit Alex Steiner’s house? To take Rudy The Thought of Rudy Naked 1 .

Why was Rudy selected for medical examination by the Nazi medical authorities? What was ironic about his selection? They want to take him for training for special Nazi training, maybe training to enter the secret police, due to his excellent grades and athletic ability. This is ironic as Rudy did not want to go and this was all due him Punishment 1 . Why were the middle-aged Hans Hibernate and Alex Steiner drafted? Germany was desperate and running out of soldiers. The Collector 1 . Why do you think the author showed German soldiers such as Hans Hibernate reforming civilian tasks instead of being shown on a battlefield?

And why did he focus on ordinary German civilians during wartime? So Hans could see what was happening to the rest of Germany because of the war. He focused on ordinary German civilians so the reader could see what was happening and engage with the civilians. The Bread Eaters 1 . Why did Lilies and Rudy go to observe the third march of the Jews to Dachas? She hopes to see Max. The Hidden Sketchbook 1 . What do you think Man’s book (The Word Shaker) reveal about the power of words? How might words represent both beauty and evil? What message do you think the story imparted?

Words are all things needed to rule the world. Hitler used his words to harm people while Lilies to help others. Part 9 The Snows of Straddling 1 . What disturbing news did Michael Helpful bring to Hummel Street? Why did this news devastate Rosa Hibernate as well as his own mother? Robert Heliotrope, Michaels own brother died and his legs were blown at the shins, and Rosa is probably worried about Hans who is also at war. 2. Most of this story has not dealt with any personal stories of soldiers. What is your reaction to this section? It is shocking, as someone who we are acquainted to, has died.

The Ageless Brother 1. What finally laid the ghost of Lisle’s brother to rest? She finally returned something to ‘Sis. 1 . Why did Hans survive the accident? Kerr, wanted to swap seats with Hans. One Toolbox, One Bleeder, One Bear 1 . What did Death mean when he commented about Lilies as she observed the dying survivor of the plane crash, “She did not back away or try to fight me, but I know that something told the girl I was there … She knew me and she looked me in my face and she did not look away … We both moved on”? It implies the connection between Lilies and Death. . What did Rudy give the dying pilot? Rudy puts the teddy bear on the dying pilot’s shoulders. Part 10 The End of the World (Part 1) 1 . How did Lilies survive the air strike on Hummel Street? How did words once again save her? She was on the basement editing story. The Ninety-Eighth Day 1 . Why did Lilies attend each time the Jews were marched through Mulching? Lilies attended each time the Jews were marched through Mulching as she was looking for Max. Way of the Words 1 . What did Lilies do when she saw Max? Lilies calls to him loudly. . How did Rudy save Lisle’s life?

Rudy held down Lilies from chasing after Max, and putting herself in danger. ‘Sis Herdsman’s Little Black Box 1 . How did ‘Sis Hermann inspire Lilies to write her own story? ‘Sis Hermann gave Lilies a black blank book and told her that if she won’t read, then she should write. The Rib-Cage Planes 1 . How had Lilies developed a love-hate relationship with words? Lilies developed a love- hate relationship with words as words have witnessed both the good The End of the World (Part 2) 1. What did Lilies realize when she found Rowdy’s body after the bombing?

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