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Hitler was a human monster who wreaked havoc on millions, byway of his of torturous and cruel treatment of the Jewish community without showing any empathy or remorse for his actions. Monsters come in many shapes and forms, some are humanoid and some are not; some are seen in movies and read about in books such as Drachma and Frankincense while others are urban legends and may or may not truly exist, such as the Loch News Monster and Bigot. Humanoid monsters, though not as terrifying to look at, are equally if not more monstrous, in the handling of their victims.

An unknown author writing for the News Straits Times describes humans as the worst form of any monster: The face of a monster is human. No animal or demon, real or imagined, can be as dangerous and demented. And we have them in our midst. These creatures take on a human form but there it stops. Nothing else is human about them. We can describe how cruel, sick and indescribably heartless they are but they have no heart to begin with. So, really, there are no words to describe them. But we know who they are, albeit too late. We see the wrecks of their creation. These are sadists who take pride and pleasure in torture. “Human Monsters” 3) There were many human monsters who have existed throughout history including POI Pot, Vela Drachma and Joseph Stalin; they all were wicked and vile in their own right, using torturous tactics to murder their victims. Most people would agree that the most monstrous human of them all, the horrific dictator full of violence and cruelty, whom had a lack of compassion for others and completely embodies the definition of a human monster was Germany’s Furthermore 1933 to 1945, Doll Hitler. When comparing Hitler to other monstrous dictators or peers, such as Stalin Pot or Vela Drachma, they fail to compare.

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Nobel Peace laureate, Lie Wishes, whom is an author and a professor at Boston University specializing in Jewish history, describes the comparison of Hitler to other past dictators perfectly: “Doll Hitler or the incarnation of absolute evil; this is how future generations will remember the all-powerful Fuehrer of the criminal Third Reich. Compared with him, his peers Mussolini and Franco were novices” (3). Hitter’s name alone resonates pure evil and brutality; though hectically he may not necessarily fit the monster description, his actions fit perfectly.

Having no mercy for the people of his county simply because of their religion, sexual orientation or handicap demonstrated his iniquity and lack of morality. Trend Larches, writer for Bright Hub Education website, who gives a character analysis of Frankincense and the book’s characters states that “monsters show ill treatment of others” (4). Hitler demonstrates the ill treatment of the Jewish populations during WI by utilizing inhumane war tactics to murder helpless citizens in cold blood. He was responsible for a total of approximately 11 million deaths by way of his brutal, merciless torture games.

He deployed death squads, used gas vans and acid showers; concentration and executions camps were used, as well as starvation and lethal injections were all methods used to annihilate millions of unsuspecting men, women, and children. Many human monsters use torture as a means of doing away with their victims, which shows their lack of humanity. Hitler used an assortment of torturous tactics to fulfill his vial desires. Between 1941 and 945 Hitler deployed Death Squads, which were labeled as Step 1 of the Fuehrer’s “Final Solution”.

The “Final Solution” was Hitter’s written plan to exterminate the Jewish people, along with gypsies, homosexuals and mentally or physically handicapped men, women or children of Eastern Europe and other surrounding countries (Nazi Death Squads). The Death Squads were set up and deployed to murder by way of shooting, beating with various objects, and/or use of hand grenades but not before the victims first dug their own graves. More often than not, the mothers and fathers were murdered while he children were forced to watch, all before succumbing to their own demise.

These actions further show Hitler s lack of humanity and pure wickedness. Michael Benumb, Ph. D. , Professor at American Jewish University describes the attitude of the Nazi death squads while carrying out their orders: They killed every day, several times a week, entire communities; there was no end; on to the next one. They don’t seem to tire, they don’t seem to slack. Then they’re relentless about it. They’re also not satiated by the blood that they have spilled. No Satisfaction. No end. (Nazi Death Squads) Hitter’s actions to deploy his Nazi henchmen on such reprehensible orders further prove his monstrous disposition.

Another of Hitless ruthless tactics used in the genocide of the Jewish community that “claimed the lives of upwards of 2 million innocents” were killings that took place at the concentration and labor camps (“Concentration Camps” 26). Though the camps did not initially start as killing camps, they eventually evolved into places were predominately Jewish men and P. O. W. S were made slave laborers working 14+ hours a day; literally being worked to death or even dying from exposure. According to historical Nazi documents, there were approximately 15,000 concentration and labor camps, most located throughout Eastern Europe.

Hitler was very proud of the camps and the role that they played in the execution of the Jews; the camps had “Hitter’s Blessings”, as stated by Peter Black, Senior Historian of the IS. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (The Private Voice of Hitler). Extermination camps used by Hitler between the years of 1939-1945 were the primary way in which he ordered his Nazi soldiers to carry out the murders of millions more innocent citizens. These amps are considered some of the most cruel and unusual of all Hitter’s vile tactics used during WI.

They differ from the concentration and labor camps in that people were sent here strictly to die; to be exterminated. But instead of just being put to death they were tortured by way of heartless and nasty scientific experiments; most slowly dying from infection. Most of the people brought to the extermination camps were children and those affected by mental handicaps. If they were not used as a scientific experiment, they were herded by the masses into vast shower stalls, given acid showers and then eased to death. After gassings, the corpses were burned in the Nazi’s attempt to cover up proof of the Holocaust. Over 3 million citizens were tortured to death at extermination camps alone; over 1. 1 million at one camp in particular, Auschwitz” (“The Nazi Euthanasia (T-4) Program” 22) Again this behavior displays Hitless lack of compassion for others, especially those being affected by handicaps. Even though Hitler did not personally have the blood of others on his hands, he issued direct orders for his Nazi henchmen to fulfill this vicious plans. He gave his blessings and took glory in knowing that they were being murdered in cold blood and these helpless men, women, and children could do nothing to defend themselves.

The many ruthless murder tactics that he deployed during WI display cruelty and wickedness to say the least. Hitless responsibility for the senseless massacre of millions simply based on their creed, sexual orientation, social status or handicap is absolutely heinous. This monster, Doll Hitler, is one of history most wicked and will forever be remembered for his responsibility of the ritual deaths of millions of innocent citizens throughout Germany and other surrounding countries.

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