Abraham Lincoln and East Coast Politician Assignment

Abraham Lincoln and East Coast Politician Assignment Words: 334

Would be assassin was drunk instead of completing the Job Lincoln death thought to be a conspiracy Much hated president by the North Secretary of State William H. Seward Wanted to resign on the night before his inauguration, but Lincoln would not let him

Helped resolve the Trend Affair in which the Confederates sent a mail packet to Great Britain and France asking for support; the Confederates wanted a war between Europe and the Union in order to distract the Union Helped protect American interests in Alaska Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase 1861-1864 Helped to establish a national banking system and paper currency Term seemed to be a ploy for personal political gain Often threaten resignation in order to have his way with Lincoln; to his surprise, Lincoln accepted it on the third time William P.

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Fastened 1864-1865 Appointed upon Chaise’s resignation in dark financial hour during inflation He did not want the Job but he was pressured into it Reduced the amount of currency in circulation and made bonds to combat the nation’s inflation problem Resigned in 1865 to pursue a career in the Senate Hugh McCollum Appointed because of his influence with state banks Maintained a policy of reducing the federal war debt and he promoted the gradual reintroduction of federal taxation in the South Secretary of War Abraham Lincoln and East Coast Politician By Wintriness

Simon Cameron 1861-1862 Nominated as part of a political bargain Reassigned due to corruption allegations Famous Quote: “An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought. ” Edwin M. Stanton 1862-1865 Devoted much of his time to persecuting Union officers who seemed to sympathize with the South Would do his best to destroy the career of any Union general who refused to vote, miss,” in court martial Was highly praised by Lincoln even though they rarely agreed on issues Considered to be very effective at managing the Department of War

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