Interpersonal Conflict Assignment

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The movie chose to watch was Crash. This particular movie was full of a lot of stereotyping. It judged people a lot on their race. I had never seen this movie before so I found it interesting that it was so racist. There were many scenes that had interpersonal conflict in them. The one that stands out the most to me is when Sandra Bullock’s character got into an argument with her husband about wanting the locks changed again the next day; while there was a guy that she assumed was part of a gang was there changing the locks.

She was stereotyping the guy that was changing the locks because he was Mexican. She assumed that he was part of a gang and was going to have copies of their house keys made and passed out to his buddies so they could come and rob them. Sandra Bullock’s character was very upset because she and her husband had just been held up at gunpoint and their vehicle stolen from them. Her husband was the district attorney of Los Angeles in this movie. Sandra Bullock’s character was upset with her husband for not showing concern over her feelings about wanting the locks changed again in he morning since they were currently being changed.

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He told her she was over reacting. She told him that she was scared because she had just been carjacked at gun point and she knew it was going to happen when she saw the black guys on the street. But he told her that she had a rough evening and that she just needed to go to bed and get some sleep. She went into the kitchen and the Mexican guy that was changing the locks was there and had heard everything. He walked to the counter and sat down the keys to the ocks and they were all there.

Sandra Bullock’s characters husband should have showed more empathy towards her for the situation they were just in. She was obviously scared over the situation that had just happened. Instead of down playing the situation and telling her that she just needed to get some sleep when she was telling him she wanted the locks changed again in the morning. He could have offered her kind words of understanding and tell her that they would talk about it in the morning after they both had gotten some est.

If he would have had more empathy for the situation she might not have got so worked up about the locks being changed. He may of even been able to diffuse the situation altogether. He made the situation worse by being confrontational with her. believe in this interpersonal conflict empathy would have been the best solution to diffuse the situation with his wife.

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