A Narrative of The Life of Frederick Douglass Assignment

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During the time before the novel was written, slavery went untold. Slavery was a cruel practice that consisted of forced, harsh, unpaid labor and cruel whippings. In the early asses, most slaves were in the south, while abolitionists were more common in the north because of the lack of need of slave labor. Slave owners were Inhumane and unpleasant to their slaves and often whipped them for no reason whatsoever. Life was unfortunate and food was scarce as a slave, yet no provisions were taken to putt stop to this inhumane practice.

During this time, slaves were viewed as property, and used to harvest crops no matter the weather, do other farm chores, and even tend to their owner’s needs in their houses. They held a significant role In the united States economy, by making it possible for large plantation owners to harvest large amounts of crops quickly and inexpensively. By doing so, these owners could then sell those materials to make excessive amounts of money. All of this was done without thanks of course. Most of these slaves were undernourished. Beaten, and kept ignorant.

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Owners wanted their slaves weak so they could not escape and run away and often didn’t allow them to learn to read or write in order to keep them from gaining freedom. Throughout all of this, everyday slaves had to live scared of being separated from the few relatives they had Many slaves were separated at birth and never knew their mothers. They were housed in small shelters with no beds and only a single blanket to keep them during the freezing winters. Food was scarce and many went hungry. Slavery nevertheless kept the economy rolling, although the cruelty was mostly ignored.

Throughout the book, multiple themes were portrayed by Frederick Douglass and his actions. One of the most important and significant themes is keeping strength throughout hardship. This was extremely evident through the scenes written, and it helped successfully lead him to his freedom. While still a slave, Douglass faced a countless number of whippings, yet he trudged on and used that as a reason to gain his freedom. Also, while he was sent out to Baltimore and was watched heavily now that he had been caught attempting to learn how to read, he came up with other

Ideas on how to teach himself and others. Another Important theme In this book Is coming of age. Frederick Douglass grew up as a born slave. And had to see many heartless things and even experience them as a young child. He was forced to grow up at an extremely young age, and never had a ‘childhood’. But by doing so, he learned to fight for himself and for what was right. Both of these themes greatly impact the modern world. Many people today have to preserver through tough times, including economic depression. Also, coming of age goes for all teenagers in American society.

As they grow older, they gain new worldly experience for when they become adults. There are many things that could be learnt from this book such as many of the harsh things that happened to the slaves such as the whippings, the raping, and the mistreatment. Also, this book shares new knowledge of the emotional standpoint of the slaves, and the constant ‘Off Tattle AT survival. Once published, A Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass had a significant effect on society because of the new perspective it gave people about what slavery was really all about.

Also, it most likely angered many of the southern slave owners because of the cold truths that it held about them. Many of the named people in the book almost positively were infuriated and embarrassed about their mention in the book about the sick deeds they committed. The author, Frederick Douglass, was most definitely influenced by the events in the asses. He was influenced by his treatment as a slave and also by all of the things he witnessed while in slavery. Emotional influences were significant, and also encouraged Douglass to write this kook in order to share his story along with many others’ similar stories.

The readers who read this book are also heavily influenced, because many are oblivious to the events that take place in these southern plantations. Many abolitionists also were most likely influenced by this book, which is a significantly positive feat. New abolitionists most likely were influenced because of the new light shed on the cruel things that took place to these people. The south most likely did not receive the novel as well as the north because of the necessity of slavery in the south and even the fact hat now people have seen an inside view of what really goes on in the south.

On the other side, the north probably received it much better because most of the population is anti-slavery. The book also probably encouraged many more people to become abolitionists. Many of the slave owners were outraged at the book and at the fact that a slave wrote and published it, while the free African Americans were filled with hope and support of the true book. A Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass allowed citizens to learn about the hard truths of slavery that go on every day in hose southern plantations.

This book really made me appreciate all that I have in life because back then, life was intolerable for slaves. Now, we have developed and passed new laws that ban persecution and forced labor. After reading, I gained a new sense and understanding of what slavery really was and how terribly cruel life was. The tough times these people had to go through was phenomenal, and it really showed me how strong some of these people were; being defiant to their owners and making attempts to escape their life in captivity.

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