My Interest in Computers: Personal Experience Assignment

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My Personal Commercial Ever since the age often, I have been interested in computers. My Uncle started us in computers as a means of introducing a new technology that would be useful in our futures. Since that time, I have owned and used a vast variety of computers in educational, work, and personal environments over the course of my life; I have always been intrigued by their function much to the point that after graduating high school, I decided that I wanted to work with computers professionally.

Many years later, after a challenging and less than successful initial bid to facilitate my entry into the professional world of computers, I found myself with a second opportunity to further my education and shortly after retiring from military service; I received a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Social Science from Thomas Edison State College.

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Although my degree was not directly related to the computer field, I seized upon the opportunity to utilize the skills that I had developed in my degree program, and used those skills to reach out to potential employers. In reaching out, I offered my skills, abilities and talents to a variety of employers that would have been able to capitalize and benefit from the use of those skills sets. After months of networking and reaching out to employers, one company, Apple Computer, Inc. Aid a call and upon successfully completing various phases of applying and interviewing, I was offered what I considered to be the opportunity of a lifetime! While employed with Apple I have diligently continued to build upon my set f skills and abilities while bringing to bear my talents of personal interaction, speech and soft skills as my Job puts me in direct contact with the general public daily.

My goal is to one day become a network systems administrator for Apple. Based on my existing skill sets and work performance to date, you can be sure that Apple will continue to be able to rely upon my skill sets as well as my strong work ethic to accomplish its goal of remaining number one in customer satisfaction and continuing to be the company that remains on the cutting edge of new creation concepts in

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