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Pucker Up to a larger audience. If sales noticeably drop, then it is the responsibility of the company to take control, to bring back sales, and keep its reputation intact by taking an in depth look into what keeps their employees motivated, which may include financial gain, praise for enhanced work, or factors such as job security and salary. Branding Strategy Pucker Up is looking to appeal to not only youthful women physically but also mentally, that are not only girl in the way that they present themselves inside and out; women that are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle in mind, body and spirit from the ages of 16-40.

From the girl 16 year old girl in high school, to the professionally driven career woman that likes to take care of herself. Pucker Up will provide products that will be appealing to them. Pucker Up provides quality lemonade that is refreshing and provides nutritional value to one’s body. Our product draws consumers in because of its energetic, lively colors and bottles, and it is pleasing to the eye. Based on our target audience, the color, font, and applicators is what keeps our consumers interested in our product. At Pucker Up, we want to gain the trust of our consumers and build customer loyalty.

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A consumer approaching a new product can cause one to be hesitant. We look to gain trust by providing our consumer with a low initial cost for our lemonade. Introducing a new product with a low cost can also be a threat to any competition, feeling the need to match our prices (Above & T hill, 201 3, p. 332). Pucker Up is lemonade that is sweet, cool and refreshing. We are looking to expand our product to areas where there is always a need for a refreshing drink. Being in the Sunshine State, it is a way to promote our lemonade online and use that as a way to connect our state with the benefits of our lemonade.

Through social media and print products, such as brochures and flyers that can be distributed to the public, Pucker Up can be promoted to gain a wider audience and remind our target audience of our brand and why it is beneficial to them. A way to advertise our lemonade is not online by creating a website dedicated to our brand. We can reach out to our local community and personally connect with each potential consumer we come in contact with, by handing out flyers to the public. Getting our name out there and showcasing our lemonade through business cards that hand can be given to local businesses and potential buyers.

While looking into new locations, Orlando is known to have festivals. To advertise our lemonade even further, it is vital to get our lemonade to the public, by way of banners that can be distributed around the local areas, to spread the word. With multiple banners across the area, as people are driving and walking by, it becomes a constant reminder and repetitive in their mind to try our lemonade at the event. Opportunities for New Locations Being in the Orlando area, there are an abundance of festivals during the warm weather.

At Pucker Up, we plan to expand our lemonade stand beyond our local neighborhood. Annual fairs and art festivals are an ideal location to bring our lemonade to. With a variety of people and families walking around on a hot summer day, our refreshing lemonade is right within arm’s reach. This type of location provides the perfect opportunity to expand our audience and get our brand out there. It is important to look at locations where our main target audience would be frequent. We value our consumers and want to make that known by how our product is distributed.

By making our product ready and available, not only in select stores, but online, it makes it more convenient for our nonusers to purchase so they do not have to go out of the way. It is right at their fingertips, whichever way they may please. A way to introduce our product to consumers is by comparing our product with the ones that the public is already familiar with, by online or in stores (Above & Till, 2013, p. 350). Our unique design will also draw consumers in to try something new. Promotion Plans Given a $10,000 budget, it is vital that we find the best possible and most effective ways to promote our brand to the public.

In today’s society, anything and everything is done online. People from all around the world connect today ore so online than in any other method. One way would be by promoting our brand online through social media. Social media is a very useful and powerful method that has a huge hold on society. Through different social media accounts, we are able to promote Pucker Up to a larger audience. By promoting online, we can incorporate a core message, informing our consumers what our product is all about and advertise from that. A clear, concise core message has a massive effect through social media.

From there, it will begin to spread around and find its way being repeated by others. As we define our core message to our consumers, we will begin to distribute and share that message through advertising, whether it is by social media or print products, or direct marketing. This is what is known as using a communication mix (Above & Till, 2013, p. 366). Creating a buzz online about our product, by initiating conversations over social media about Pucker Up will draw in consumers. This is what is known as conversation marketing (Above & Till, 2013, p. 382).

As a way to promote and introduce Pucker Up to the world, it is vital we use a tactic known as sales promotion. This will help to build up our reputation and get our brand into he hands our buyers. Through sales promotion, a way to build up our name is by making coupons available to our buyers. With this method of consumer promotion it allows our consumers to view their purchase as a “steal” if they are reluctant to buying a product they have never purchased before (Above & Till, 2013, p. 379). Table 1. Shows the bulk of the advertising is Website Homepage Advertising Table 1.

Advertising Budget for Pucker Up Lemonade Item Amount ($) Brilliant Finish Business Cards – 500 count 60 Full Page Flyers – 100 count 45 Month – Website Homepage Advertising 6,000 (2) 30 Second Radio Spots ,000 (2) Banners Total 70 9,175 Employee Training As a company expands and is in popular demand, it is necessary to hire employees to begin to take on the workload. If sales noticeably drop, then it is the responsibility of the company to take a deeper look at their employees and what can be done to keep them motivated, to bring back sales and keep its reputation intact.

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