Cross Platform and Mobile Advertising Market Assignment

Cross Platform and Mobile Advertising Market Assignment Words: 227

The consumer attention has shifted from traditional media channels to always on screens; these consumers are combining multiple devices In new way for multi-task to amplify their experience, share the content, and connect with others. Consumers’ interaction on these devices reveals their behavior, need, interest for shopping.

Based on these information marketers can reach their customers through reliable interaction with their customers across multiple devices. In recent years, Mobile advertising evolved as a subset of mobile marketing and it Is closely related to online advertisement, The mobile advertisement helps advertisers, publishers, and markets to target their customers on their mobile devices. The cross-platform advertising is an emerging concept that supports mobile advertising market. People are depending on multipliers for online shopping; most of them are spending their media time on amputees, laptops, smartness, tablets, and smart TV’s.

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All this consumer behaviors helped the emergence of cross-platform advertising. Companies such as Taped and Google are offering advertising solutions Into this market. Cross-platform and mobile advertising has huge opportunities In consumer goods, retail and restaurants and Telecoms and IT verticals; more than 28. 01% of the cross-platform and mobile advertising revenue has been generated from consumer goods, retail and restaurants vertical in 201 5, and It has been estimated that by 2020 Telecoms and IT will have the largest market share in this this market.

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