Personal Plan Assignment

Personal Plan Assignment Words: 650

My SMART goals are; take a Math workshop within the next 2-4 weeks to improve my math skills, take a writing workshop within the next 4-6 weeks to improve my writing skills, find a mentor that is an accountant within the next 6 months, explore the accountant job market within the next 2 months, and to take a study guide workshop within the next 3-5 weeks to improve my study skills. I think that those two results along with my ethics results will help me guide through my academic and personal journey. Also agree with my competency’s results. I think it is more important to work on areas that need improvement then to focus on my strengths I feel as though my Personal Career Interest results were correct. My career results are material recording, scheduling, dispatching, and distributing material recording secretaries, administrative assistant, and supervisor of an office, administrative support worker and supervisor of sales worker. Also feel as though my results matched my strengths.

The results revealed that my strengths are that I am conventional, enterprising, and social. I take my personal education and career goals very serious. I feel as though my goals are what is going to help me succeed in my education and career. My biggest personal education goal is to graduate with a Bachelors in Accounting. Another educational goal I have is to try my hardest to uphold a 3. GAP When it comes to my career goals I know they are ones that will accomplish, because they are the reason why am in college.

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My first career goal is to become an accountant. Then once I am an accountant want to work for my local hospital and be their accountant. And my final career goal is to have my own CPA business. I think that everyone should have education and career goals, because that is what pushes you to succeed. My career interests will help me guide through my academic journey, because I will know what courses I need to take to get my career. After taking the Career Interest Profiler, my results showed me that I am meant to be an Accountant.

My competencies will guide me in many ways through my academic journey. My competencies that will guide me through my journey are that I learn from failure and success, follow instructions from others, follow procedures and policies, achieve goals, uphold ethics and values, work under pressure and, demonstrate an immediate understanding of newly presented information. I feel as though pursing a degree does help me build on my competencies that need for my future career.

The impenitence I need to build for my career are to set high standards for quality, build diverse teams, work under pressure, rapidly learn a new task and commit information to memory quickly. The academic work that I do for my course assignments are related in some type of way to all my competencies. For example my competency to set high standards for quality goes hand in hand with setting a goal to write the best papers that can for my course assignments. My personal ethics, Career Plan competencies, and reasoning abilities results will all help me in many ways to guide me through y academic journey.

My personal ethics will help me to know what is right and wrong when it comes to my academics. For example I will work hard to do my writing assignments instead of choosing to plagiarism. My competencies and reasoning abilities will also help me through my academic journey. All of my competencies and reasoning abilities will help me. Do not only believe that all three of these things will help me through my academic journey but that my academic journey will help me build on these things to make them stronger for future career.

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