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Obtaining the results from the multiple questionnaires in my career plan and my personal ethics, will guide me in my academic journey as I work toward receiving my bachelor’s degree. My personal education and career goals go hand to hand in helping one another become achievable. I would love to walk the stage of University of Phoenix receiving my masters in criminal justice, first have to start with receiving my bachelors. Setting goals for my bachelor’s degree becomes more attainable when plan ahead which is the first step.

Receiving dean’s list each semester is my motivation, the only way I see that happening is by peeping my grade at an A average. I am receiving the criminal justice degree to become a police officer, but I only want to do that career field for three to four years. My primary career goal is to become a homicide detective, and I know I must start somewhere so, attending school is my first step. Over the last four weeks I have been able to receive a better understanding of my strengths and weakness, by completing my career interest profiler and the career activities.

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My competencies displayed my strengths and weaknesses, which will help me choose my career interest to guide me in my arsenal, academic journey. My career interest profiler stated that was social, enterprising and artistic. Majority of the career interests pointed out were all mainly empowered careers. My strengths were straightening and coping under pressure, which agree are excellent skills to have as an officer of the law. Networking and cooperating happened to be my weaknesses that I must work on because cooperation is a major essential to working with a partner.

On my personal, academic journey knowing my career interests and competencies will allow me to strengthen them throughout learning activities ND group assignments. Pursuing my degree will place me in the perfect environment to helping me build on my competencies. My weaknesses are a needed strength for my future career. Throughout the process of school, will be challenged at overcoming my weaknesses and improving my strengths. The academic work that have received for my course assignments are related to my competencies. Completing the reasoning aptitude showed me how much my weaknesses in my competencies needed to be worked on.

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