Oedipus Rex Reaction Paper Assignment

Oedipus Rex Reaction Paper Assignment Words: 267

What I learned is that in everything we do we always act out of our conscience, we are knowledgeable about it virtually in everything that we do, and in every act executes a consequence in return. I am not only talking about on a person to person scenario but even what is acted by our society or government. What is also pointed out in the story is that we must be aware, be really, really, really, re-a-lly aware of blindness.

Ahem, it’s not the physical defect, thank you very much though that’s what Oedipus did on the last part – blinded himself, but on the blindness that we develop, yes develop, as authority, convenience, fame, power, wealth, abundance pass our way. Blinded Oedipus that even the fear of killing his father and mating with her mother all the years was still blind of his long foretold fate is creeping in his life at the moment. Blinded Adam and Eve that it’s clear they committed mistake still failed to ask for forgiveness.

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Blindness that brought disaster to the kingdom of Oedipus, same blindness that covered the world with sin. Blindness that made Oedipus took his sight from his own hand and from his own hand, Adam and Eve, has to toil and feel the pain. It was when things gets too easy and entertaining but actually distracts us that makes ourselves calloused, heart and conscience calloused, not minding things much worth the while, which would be the deadening blindness there to exist. Conscience and blindness, again, conscience and blindness.

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