Reaction to Oedipus the King Assignment

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Reaction to Oedipus the King In Greek mythology, humans are actors to the gods and only show a role in the play of life . The human condition is stated as the way humans act, react and respond to changes in life. The play is shaped through the effects of fate and how knowing one’s future can control a person’s way of life. Oedipus relates to the human condition through humanity’s fear of fate, how humans are irrational to one another and people kind’s mental blindness. The entire play is a result of fate, moreover how fate, especially when negative, can show that humans are cowards.

Oedipus could have decided to stay in Corinth and faced his destiny even though it would have lead to persecution by the people. However, Oedipus flees, demonstrating again that when humans see what the future holds for them, they will take every precaution necessary to prevent a negative outcome. Humanity’s extreme struggle to survive, ability to come to radical conclusions and humankind’s desire to be informed only when the evidence suits them can be found within the play.

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Oedipus Rex allows a person to witness the result of knowing one’s destiny and strength of one’s character. That humans act irrational towards one another as well as their ability to make drastic decisions. In the end, Oedipus Rex portrays human blindness and the devastating effects it has not only on oneself but also everyone. The only thing left is the mystery of wherever or not humans will be able to remove the crust of selfishness from their eyes.

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