Facing the giants reaction paper Assignment

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Facing the Giants This movie at first is your typical sports movie. As it progresses you will know that it is an uplifting story of hope against all odds set on a high school football field. It teaches us different lessons that we may apply and use in our most difficult times. Never give up. It is what we always hear from our friends and family when we have something that we want to accomplish and we feel that we cannot do it anymore.

It was portrayed in the movie very excellently that you will almost feel the achievement of the character in the movie. The coach put a blindfold to his player then ordered to do the training that he did not finish at first but when he was blindfolded, he even surpassed the given expectation. This is a simple trick we may use. If we are locked on to our goals and we feel we cannot reach it, I think not thinking of the goal but focusing on the process will be more effective.

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Never back down. It is quite related to the saying, “An opportunity lost today is an opportunity lost forever. ” We will never know when the windows of opportunity will open for us so we must grab every single bit of it. If we are in a situation then we should be full throttle in giving our best instead of backing down Just because the thing you want to accomplish is almost impossible. Never lose faith. This is the best lesson the movie wants to say to the viewers.

Whatever we do, we are not alone, and we have our God guiding us through it all. There are times that there is doubt so the movie is telling us that even though there is, we should not abandon our faith to Him. Humans are fragile creatures. Problems push us into our limits but God is there keeping us from falling. We may have big problems but our God is bigger we Just have to give all our trust to Him because He is in control; always have, always will.

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