Can you start an assignment with a quote

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In fact, this is quite a tough question. We can find this term in a law system as a transfer of rights between two parties, or we can meet such a thing in mathematical logic or in computer science. However, today we will look closer to an educational meaning of this word. The assignment is a task given to students in school or university by their teachers or professors to be performed out of the class time. As we know, to consolidate any knowledge, skill, or capability, we need to repeat this information, to save it in our minds. Appropriate conditions are also required for the active studying of any material. Sometimes it can be only boring learning, and as a result, can lead to fatigue or stress. This cannot be useful in any type of homework, so try to avoid these things. Thanks to the daily reinforcement of skills, children develop solid knowledge and skills. In general, homework includes mathematical exercises, essays or requires reading or information revision. Let’s focus on an essay as a very common type of assignment. Starting an assignment can become a difficult task actually. The beginning of it should include the main issue of the work. It is very important to write the first paragraph or several paragraphs of the essay correctly. This will help you not only interest the reader, but also to set the tone for the whole subsequent text. Strictly speaking, there is no single right way to start an essay. You can write essays on a variety of topics, and you can start them in many ways.

One of them is to start with a proposal that will interest the reader. The topic of the essay is, of course, interesting to you because you are the author of this work, but the reader will not necessarily treat it the same way. Usually, readers are very selective about what they are willing to pay attention to, and what does not. If the first paragraph does not impress them, they will not read any further, so it’s very important to start an essay with a sentence that immediately grabs the attention of the reader. For example, try to start an assignment with a quote.

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Quotes phenomenon

The quote is a literal excerpt from someone else utterance used by the speaker to confirm or explain their own thoughts. It retains all the grammatical and stylistic features, so you can not change anything in the quotation, even punctuation marks. When using quotes, the following requirements must be observed:

  • the given quotes must correspond to the content of the position confirmed by them, as well as the entire work; they should support the ideas and points of view of the author and persuade the reader in this or that particular things;
  • you should try to not overload the work with them; they have to be used expediently and purposefully, introduction to the text of the quote should be accompanied by the necessary generalizations, conclusions, reasoning.
  • pay attention; if you do not quote all the words of the passage, then three dots should be put at the place where words are omitted. In this case, it is necessary to check whether the meaning of the quotation is distorted.

Any quotation, which is included in the text of work, should be put there according to the certain rules. When quoting creations on which the essay is written, the title of the work and the author are not indicated in the quotation. If the quotation is taken from a critical article or some other source, then the author who owns the quoted words should be indicated.

So can you start an assignment with a quote?

Yes, you can. An important requirement for such an assignment as an essay is the completeness of the content, the validity of the given thoughts and the credibility of the conclusions. These qualities can be achieved through quotations, skillfully and appropriately included in the text of the work. Quotations in an assignment are literally transmitted excerpts from works of art, critical articles, statements by writers or any other sources. It is usually a reliable source of information. It is given by the authors of the works in order to support and confirm their thoughts. So can you start an assignment with a quote? Definitely! It will help you to create a more powerful essay, can persuade your reader in your point of view and add some more confidence to your creation. When you start writing an assignment with a quote you should be careful because someone cannot trust in someone’s words. However, using the quotation can help you to formulate the main position of the essay, if necessary. The main proposition is one sentence that describes the key statement in the essay as accurately as possible and complete. So, why not a quote?