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Most of the children or even adults are more attracted to the non-nutritious en, instead of fruits and vegetables that can supply our body’s nutritional needs. A lot Of us eats sweet products like lollipops that also causes diabetes among the young ones. Researchers found many ways to divert the vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables to a most liked foods, like fruit shakes. But most of us can’t afford it or too lazy to prepare it. So that we’ve chosen lollipop to use our original flavor coming from the most hated vegetable: Bitter gourd (Memoranda Charting) or locally known as Amply.

But here comes a big problem. Of course, the lollipop tastes bitter, many ill still not like it. If we will mixed it together with a processed sugar, so what is the use of picking out a nutritious source if we will mixed it together with a non-healthy ingredient. So as an alternative source of the sweet taste is the Watermelon (Citruses Landaus) also known as Pagan here in Philippines, the nutritional value of the Watermelon will make the lollipop even more tasty and nutritious. Even this will only contribute low amount remedy of malnutrition, at least in a low price, anyone can afford this healthy and tasty lollipop.

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B. Statement of the Problem This study was conducted to change the non-healthy flavor of a delicacy (lollipop) using the combined extracts Of Bitter gourd (Memoranda Charting) and Watermelon (Citruses Landaus). Specifically it sought to answer the following questions: Can this both mixtures suite each other for a perfect taste of a lollipop? Do people will like this nitride food than the processed one? Can this flavor will soon replace the non-healthy ingredient of a lollipop? C. Objectives of the Study 1) General Objective To produce a healthy food out of Bitter gourd and Watermelon combined extracts. Specific Objectives To encourage the use of healthy sources/foods. To attract people to eat healthy foods. D. Hypotheses Parents will encourage their kids to try this kind of lollipop instead of the old ones. E. Significance of the Study Results of the study could lead to the discovery of more nutritive prepared foods prop to replace the non-healthy flavors of the most liked foods. This can reduce even a little on our malnutrition problem. F. Scope and Limitations The study will be conducted at San Pedro Ill, Alcoa Panamanian. The product will be tasted by children, adults and eve teenagers.

We will also compute how many individual;s ion an estimated number will like this kind of lollipop. Chapter II: Methodology Ingredients: 2/3 c. Water 1/4 TTS. Cream of tartar Condense Milk (if needed) h TTS. Of each of the flavor extracts Materials: About 40 lollipop sticks 2 baking sheets Sauce pan Wooden spoon Spatula Proceed re’s: Step 1: Boil the Amply leaves with 6 minutes. Every 12 leaves add 1 cup f water. Step 2: Add the water, condense/sugar and cream of tartar to a saucepan. Heat the mixture in medium. Mix until the sugar is dissolved.

Step 3: Turn up the burner to high, boil the mixture for about 10 minutes, until it turns brown color. DO not stir. Check it with a candy thermometer. The syrup must reach up to 300 degree. If you don’t have a candy thermometer, drop the syrup into ice cold water. If it forms brittle threads for about 5 seconds, it’s ready. Step 4: get the fruit extract of the Watermelon. Step 5: Add the flavor extracts to the syrup. Step 6: Move the saucepan from heat and dump the bottom in a bowl of ice water to stop cooking. Step 7: With a teaspoon pour a full teaspoon of the syrup in the baking sheet ND put a lollipop stick in it.

Work quickly, as the mixture gets too thick to pour easily return it to the stove and heat it to fit it out. Step 8: Let the pops cold for at least 15 minutes before removing them from the baking sheets, use a spatula to remove it. Step 9 : Package the lollipops. Chapter Ill: Results and Discussion Table 1 Measurements (ml/TTS. ) Mixtures Amply Leaves Extract Watermelon Fruit Extract Condense Milk Sugar MI 12 Amply leaves boiled with a cup of water Not added 5 TTS. (with 1 and half cup of water and 1/4 TTS. Of tartar) VHF 6 TTS. (with 1 cup fatter and 1/’ TTS. F tartar) Table 2 Resume Its Did not crystallize/did not form to viscous liquid Did not crystallize/did not form to ViscoUS liquid We tried to add sugar to the 2nd trial because we have to know if this will be added the syrup will crystallize. But the sugar applied is not enough to make the liquid viscous. Chapter IV: Conclusion and Recommendation A) Conclusion When we tried the 1 SST experiment we did not add sugar, cause we’ve stick to the plan that we will replace the sugar by an alternative source coming from he Watermelon extract that will be added after the boiling of the water, cream of tartar, and condense milk.

But the 1st trial is failed. Then we relied that sugar is the main ingredient of a lollipop/candies is the sugar. In the 2nd experiment we must also try to replace condense with sugar, to know if this’ll work. But because the sugar is not enough for the amount water, this 2nd trial also failed. B) Recommendation Find an alternative source of sugar granules from fruits , etc. To make the syrup viscous and to finish this experiment.

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