FBA Reflection Assignment

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What are the strengths of using the ABA/PIP process for Improving behavior? This Is the first time I have ever used the ABA/PIP process. I found the structure and breakdown of the assessment categories very helpful for organizing data collected. Also this process can be extremely helpful for supplying information if needed to an PIPE for the future. B. Are there drawbacks to the system? If so, what are they and what could be done instead? I think there are two drawbacks with the ABA/PIP process.

The first and most important in my opinion is the length of time that is needed to complete the process. The data collection is time consuming and requires lots of documentation. The second issue I have with this process is I believe it may draw focus away from the instruction a teacher Is giving. I think that If a teacher Is trying to chart behaviors correctly mentally, this Is distracting to the teaching process. Even though It may be minimal, this distraction still exists. C. Describe your own learning In completing the p recess.

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I learned a lot from this assignment; however I think two aspects were extremely important to the ABA/PIP process. I learned to be very specific when describing behaviors. Explain the behaviors in a way that another person can walk into your room and be able to identify that same behavior without question. Another important thing I learned from this assignment is to only record what you observe. I have to make a real effort to not draw conclusions. The ABA/PIP is about recording observed behaviors and conclusions are not facts.

D. How does the process support student behavioral learning? The ABA/PIP supports behavioral learning because it allows the teacher and support staff to come up with ways of dealing with the behavior problem. The staff can look at the data and find different interventions to help the student extinguish the unwanted behaviors. Some of these interventions can involve changing the seating arrangement, implementing a reward system, or moving a student to a different instructional area. E. Who should be involved in the process?

There are a number of people that should be involved with the ABA/PIP process. Any teachers Involved with the student’s education should be there. Mainly the general education and special education teachers If applicable. At least one of the student’s parents should be Involved. Any professionals that work with the student can be Involved such as TO, Speech and Language Therapists, Psychologists, Guidance Councilor, and Social Worker. Basically, anyone who can be helpful in the ABA/PIP process if needed. F.

How would this information impact student study team decisions? The ABA/PIP impacts the student study team by offering the data needed to implement different interventions. The team evaluates the information supplied and formulates intervention to discourage the behaviors in the least possible intrusive way possible for the student. G. How would this information impact student eligibility for special education services? If a student does not currently have an PIPE the ABA/PIP can provide excellent data to begin the process.

If all interventions fail and the student continues to display the behaviors, the study team can requests the student move to the next step of being tested for an PIPE. The ABA/PIP shows the student’s progression with the behavior and provides a lot of background information to help the PIPE process along. H. How can information from an ABA/PIP be incorporated into an PIPE? The ABA/PIP can be incorporated into an PIPE by simply attaching it to the PIPE itself. Or the ABA/PIP information can be used to help diagnose an BED student which could be part of the PIPE.

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